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5 Seriously Fucked Up Japanese Fetishes

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Oh Japan, you disgustingly entertaining sexual deviants!

When I think of Japan, what instantly comes to mind is a modernized hotel suite full of naked Asian men with their dick in their hands, violently circle jerking for all the same reason: Bukakke—or the pungent odorous, vagina crusted panties being sniffed by some octogenarian Japanese pervert. Japanese culture; from their successful, world changing innovations to their unapologetic bizarre sex antics, their paradigm of social norms knows no bounds. You’ll find services offered for nearly everything from “platonic” chitchats with young Japanese school girls in joshi-kosei cafes to dating simulators for the socially inept, misanthropic desiring a loving virtual romantic relationship with a digital girlfriend named Rinko.

What you’ve heard about Japanese culture—the oddities and bizarre sexual fetishes are more than likely true. Japanese people love their smut and they want it as depraved as possible. The questionable “how depraved do they like it?” will be answered in this dysfunctional and outrageously disgusting top list of 6 Japanese fetishes that originated in Japan.


Tentacle Eroticatentacle rape fetishism

Tentacle erotica: Bestiality type, tentacle erotica (also known as tentacle rape) is precisely that; mostly but not always, anime/hentai style porn which generally consists of women sexually penetrated by creatures with some form of tentacles.

Believe it or not, tentacle rape has been around for quite some time. Matter of fact, the first notable illustration of tentacle rape predates back to the 12th century, 1814. Japanese novel Hokusai Katsushika translates to The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife depicted a woman having sexual intercourse with two octopi. Tentacle erotica consist of three subtypes: Animation, Manga and Live-action.

  • Animation (Hentai) tentacle erotica was the first of its kind, and based on the mutual consent of both tentacle monster and woman.
  • Manga evolved from its precursor animation with the emphasis of tentacle rape.
  • Live-action is live-action tentacle erotica made for the silver screen.

Tsubashanpuspitting fetishism

Tsubashanpu is the act of sexual gratification by means of being spit on and degraded by a large group of women. Best compared to a reversal gender role of bukakke. Instead of a group of men circle-jerking and ejaculating on the face of one, center circle, kneeling female participant it would consist of one male participant lying flat on his back in the center circle of surrounding women. The women are fully clothed as they simultaneously spit on him whilst verbally abusing him.

Oculolinctus eyeball licking fetishism

Oculolinctus originated in Japan among the younger (preteens) Japanese grade schoolers but sources have debunked the claims as a hoax. Whether this fetishism began as a hoax or not, it came to life sparking a trend amongst adolescents in the west. Oculolinctus is a paraphilic act of literally licking the eyeball of another person meant to arouse. Japanese adolescent culture was a gesture similar to what is colloquially known as “second-base”.

Media and health officials warns against practicing oculolinctus as it poses significant health risk such as conjunctivitis (pink-eye), chlamydia and possibly blindness. The mouth is a nasty place full of bacteria and germs. Even with this knowledge kids and adults are willing to face the consequences and continue to practice licking each other’s eyeballs—concluding “stupid is what stupid does”.


Omorashiurge to urinate fetishism

Omorashi—or westernized termed urophilia, is the paraphilic arousal towards a romanticized person with a full bladder needing to urinate or has urinating on themselves (e.g. wet panties/clothing). This fetishism originated in Japan and is now known worldwide. The idea is the persons practicing omorashi receives sexual gratification from the thought, image and/or sight of another person struggling to hold in their obvious full bladder and thus eventually urinating in their clothes. Whether it’s the actual sight of the person’s wet clothing or the embarrassment factor which causes the arousal, the source is unknown.

Two variants of omorashi:

Yagai Omorashi/Yagai Honyo – yagai which literally translates to “outdoor” is practiced in two ways. The first being yagai omorashi which is the wetting of clothes in an outdoor scenario. The second yagai honyo is the act of urinating outside. Both, of course, results in sexual arousal.

Omotsu Omorashi – not to be confused with paraphilic infantilism also known as adult baby/adult diapers—this variant of omorashi does include the wearing of an adult diaper however the diaper itself is not the object of sexual gratification but more so the idea that the adult diaper is worn to mask embarrassment from urinary incontinence. The wetting and resulted shamed is the source of arousal for omotsu omorashi participants.


Genkiunagi (eel) porn fetishism

Genki porn is yet another bestiality sub-porn created by none other than a Japanese film maker, Daikichi Amano after obviously running out of shit to jack off to. This type of porn is probably the most disgusting and heart wrenching of the already blasphemous bestiality—and has to do with eels (and anything else creepy and crawling he could possibly find) to shove in the orifices of some poor, willing bastard. The images are scarring enough I wouldn’t recommend researching the nightmare but I know curiosity will get the best of some of you and you’ll do it regardless. So as a precautionary measure, expect gross imageries of slimy eels, worms, cockroaches, bugs and anything else related shoved up gaping assholes and vaginas of Japanese women. You have been forewarned.

TamakeriBall-busting fetishism

Tamakeri is the sexual gratification from watching or being kicked, punched, slapped or anything that will physically harm and cause a great deal of injury to the genitals. Of course originating in Japan because no other ethnicity is as imaginative and repressed enough to come up with shit like this, this paraphilic fetish is directed towards domineering women degrading and abusing seemingly weak but willing men.

A sub-genre of BDSM, tamakeri appeals to the Sadistic female wanting to quite literally bust the balls of her submissive/masochist male play mate to gain emotional and/or physical sexual arousal from erotic humiliation. Tamakeri has since spread across the world and is practiced amongst the extreme BDSM communities under the names Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) and Ball Busting. Additionally, devices and various techniques were created to enhance the painstaking pleasures by further restraining, crushing, twisting, pinching the testicles and phallus.


Afterthought: The pattern of sexual gratification derived from degradation/shaming amongst the Japanese fetishism culture is abundantly clear. While researching this topic on Japan’s sexual fetishes, my afterthought—completely empirical, would conclude that the Japanese are not nearly as bizarre as once assumed. There is without a doubt their paraphilic fetishes are disgusting representations of their overall culture but when factoring in the need to fulfill the strict and unreasonable expectations of a society based on authoritative customs or face extreme discrimination, the results are bound for dysfunction. Consequently, the dysfunction created from their austere life of conforming to societal norms has resulted in deep seeded desires to rebel in their private life. Therefore, even if it’s rather fucking disgusting, I suppose they’re still human…








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