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Hoe Hunting: Treatin’ your Tricks

Hoe Hunting

Halloween 2012:

Thanks to X and his OCD, we arrived too early. Table service was not confirmed. Couples were mostly middle aged, and were “clique’d”. I left my purse assuming someone at our table would keep an eye on it. I felt safe in this assumption due to the fact that the person at the table actually said they would. Well, as they say, assumptions makes an ass out of you an Umption. Well I hope Umption had less in her purse than I did, because I lost a bottle of just filled pain medication for a very excruciating toothache, my phone, my ID, all my weekend cash, and Coco Chanel. GONE.


I huffed and puffed sitting by my table sulking, then suddenly two brunette bombshells dressed in unlawfully lascivious police uniforms bum-rushed me. They roughhoused me and unwillingly (ehh.. sort of unwillingly) dragged me to the “VIP” dungeon. Once there I was gagged, cuffed and cloaked. The entire production transpired rather abruptly. I hadn’t the time to gather insight of the “kidnap”. Fear rushed over me as I anticipate their next move. I pant, both exhilarated and fearing the unknown of what they would do. I was alone, excited, uneasy, vulnerable and barely clothed; without a sight, sound, nor any sense of control. It was glorious! The very twisted endorphin rush I seek and the raw venery I live for.
This time around I was not the hunter but the hunted. My kind of twisted.
Music poured into the dungeon from dance floor outside. It became momentarily louder and more clear, then immediately became subdued and muffled once more. A subtle door creaks and footsteps approaching. When flight or fight hits you, you’d be amazed at how your 4 other senses kick in. My inability to see heighten the sounds that surround me.
I am not in control,
ridden in fear,
I am enclosed and surrounded by swingers at a recommended orgy galore and here I am gagged, bound, and blindfolded. I am infamous for being able to adapt and act. I slip on my Drama Queen mask: Action!
I moan.

A warm gentle breath whispers into my ear, “You’ve been quite the naughty little neighborly whore I hear?” I sense the speaker turning away. “Well Francesca, what is it you and I do to nasty little Asian sluts?” “We punish them Kat. We whip and writhe the skanks into submission.” the female voice, I deductively learned belonged to Francesca answered. It was raspy, sultry, issuing from just in front of me… very close. The other female, “Kat” I gathered, lowered her voice and dragged out her words. “Oh yes, Chesca darling. We punish indecency. We drive it right…. out…. of their dirty fuck—-ing minds!” Emphatic and assertive, the kind of shit that makes your skin crawl and pussy ooze.

The two had a God given talent in sensual seduction. Their voices, the alternation of assertiveness and softness, hell, even the sentence structure and word choice. It all entwined into a harmonious masterpiece of sophisticated, soft S&M.

Cunt pleasing, gratifying, kittenish, kinky, and indecently fun.

Suddenly Kat and ‘Chesca tore into me. My black spandex booty shorts were ripped from me. The the hose of my playmate costume was shredded as they lustily exposed my sex. Forcefully they spread my legs, both in between, each holding one leg open. I felt hands rubbing me, entering me. Then the sweet, sensation of soft, warmth sliding over my precious flower.

They ravaged me. First, one then the other. Then both simultaneously. Rinse and repeat. My Kitten purrs in ecstasy as it is fingered, fondled, pounded, fist. It was a feeding frenzy. A fan-fucking-astic frenzy.

I was double teamed for ages, enduring their torturous teasing. These perverse police impersonators used their tongues to maximum effect. They expertly brought my Sex Kitten just short of peak, then backed away before I could climax. Every time, my thoughts screamed in frustration! Fucking Cunts! It was enraging! But gagged, tied, and blindfolded, I couldn’t even simulate myself! Nor could I punch the fucking bitches square in their faces. I had reached my limit, I couldn’t deal with this bullshit any longer. As if sensing my thoughts, the two women increased their intensity: one’s tongue thrusting into my vagina, coaxing ecstasy from my aching G-spot. The other suckled my clitoris, expertly tonguing the engorged organ as she sucked harder and harder. The utter overwhelming pleasure vibrated through me, demolishing the damn of my frustrated release, and i exploded with such intensity that I nearly fainted.

As I started to come to my senses, I was anxious to be freed and to see what my attackers actually looked like. But then the door opened and again, momentarily the loud of the music echoed along with two departing sets of high heals!

Argh!! Those cunt fucking bitches. I was naked and bound and could be taken by anyone at anytime without being able to resist. I was seething. I began plotting the murder of the TWO sadistic vagina dentata. I was left chained, gagged and blindfolded in a dungeon only a few feet away from a club full of equally drunk and horny couples. Belligerent, sexually frustrated, dripping wet, fresh gudgeon.

All of a sudden my blindfold was removed. It was a dark room, but even so it took a moment for eyes to adjust. I blinked. I hadn’t heard any foot steps enter. I felt gentle familiar hands start to unfasten me, and the faint scent of familiar, tastefully sweet, musky cologne alerted me that it was X.

“I left my gun in my other smoking jacket, I’m afraid” X quipped. “But I think they are looking for more victims. So you can throw my pipe at them when they aren’t looking.”
He was standing with a big goofy smile on his face. I always loved his boyish charm. It was a characteristic of his that I would never get tired of. He removed my gag and began to gently rub my shoulders. I melted into the sensation and leaned back. When I opened my eyes, before me laid a smooth, glossy, polished silver coffin. The top half was opened and inside was a skeleton dressed in suit and tie.

Hrmmmm…. I suppose…..

I jumped up, turned around and grabbed X’s neck, forcefully pulling him down and towards me; kissing him. Devouring his charm. My bare kitten thrust needfully into him, grinding and thrusting. My naked body against him was all it took to turn this normally poised eloquent man into a volcano of explosive testosterone. He kissed me urgently, his erection immediate hard against me, making me even more desperate. I pushed him backwards against the coffin. His eyes widened in surprise and then he ganced behind him to see the coffin. When he looked back, seeing my coy smile as I brushed off the last bits of my shredded costume, realization settled in his face.

X woke the skeleton from eternal slumber by grabbing it and tossed it across the “dungeon”. He loosened his robe and proceeded to undress. Salivating, licking my hungry lips as I stared at his throbbing cock as he climbed into the coffin. Once situated comfortably, he politely offered his hand.
“May I?”.
“Abso-fucking-lutely!” I replied as I grabbed his helping hand, climbed in, and straddled him. I leaned forward and resumed kissing him. His cock against me, not inside of me, left me with disdain of my prior “twat taunting”. I wanted that monster in me, filling me. I could barely contain my urgency. I engulfed his mouth in mine, and griped him with my knees and resume grinding him with even more desperation. Every moment my bare skin touched his bare skin, his cock only inches away but not physically in me, or filling me, I slipped into madness. I tore away from his kiss with a primal growl, grabbed his throbbing cock and jamming it up into my pulsating, wet, dripping sex.

I shuddered and moaned as I filled myself with him. Inch by sweet, satisfying inch as I descend. He too desperately seeking gratification lifted his hips to go deeper and deeper. When the head of his penis reached my g-spot, I halted abruptly. “No babe, I need pleasure not pain, without paying for it later.” He chuckled and lowered his hips, pulling a little of himself out. I resumed with closed eyes. Drowning in my senses, my every thrust a cascade of shimmering energy danced up my nerves in a chorus of elation. Up and down, in and out, forward and backward. I was entirely absorbed in X and his massive hulking cock I failed to notice the crowd that had gathered to watch. Voyeuristic peeping Toms and their female counterpart watched on with rapt attention.

I opened my eyes for a second and was taken back by the onlookers staring back at me. Given the flow of traffic into the room, word must be getting around there is a smut live show. “They want a fucking show? Then lets give them a fucking show.” I smirked. I pulled on my actress mask, nodding to the audience and then resumed riding X. Harder and harder, faster and faster, his cock pounding my deep spot, building to my climax with every thrust . I made sure my moaning was loud enough to be enjoyed by all. My body slick with sweat, as I gyrated, rubbing my hands sensuously up and down my chest, cupping my breast and pinching my nipples. I never cheap out on performance.

When I heard a soft moan from X it set me over the peak. Suddenly my climax exploded from deep in my pelvis and my hips wrenched from my control. Careening up and down with violent spasms. My every thought and sense of self fled as my cortex succumbed to the wave of pleasure that overwhelmed it. Screams, sweat, conscious thought, and fluid all burst out of me at once.


I shit you not, the drunken and disorderly crowd stood and gave us a standing ovation. Even the DJ left his booth to join the audience! X, unaware of our newly adopted roles as Exhibitionist, quickly grabbed me and pulled me down towards his chest. He did some Jackie Chan swift switching shit and somehow I ended up on my back with him on top. He was being protective and given his position it was perfectly understanding. He freaked out and glared at the crowd then looked down at me and I exploded in laughter.

Fucking wild Halloween!

I didn’t want memories from last Halloween to haunt my need to create new wild memories, thus this year I plan on topping the last. A few eventful moments, however Halloween isn’t until tomorrow. In the mean time what HAS happen since:

Last weekend, obviously the weekend before Halloween 2013. Blair and I decided to crash a bunch of fucking parties. Why not a club? Two reasons: Blair is still not quite twenty one yet, and two, I needed a change of scenery from usual trifecta of Vegas night clubs, strip clubs, and the after-clubs.

Aside from Blair, most of my friends were of X and I as a couple. You know, the kind that don’t call you anymore when you become single. I need to form some new relationships, therefore the intent was to do so during Halloween. We called down to have car service since I planned on getting fucking wasted. We ran into a fan of the blog in the lobby. Blair as a very dirty, indecently dressed French Maid, servicing your“Oui Oui”and me, THE SEXUAL NINJA, eastern master in the art of “ate-ass-n-ate” pussies. We talked briefly, but I was anxious to be on my way I urged Blair to say farewell when the car service was ready.

She was fuming at me when we hopped in the crown victoria. She was already pissed by my nagging her to death about her attire. She elected to substitute a thong for the bottom of her costume and did not want to listen to me explain the difference between “hoe-ish” and “haute-ness”. But she is only 20 and she’ll do what is wants.

We argued the entire way. When we arrived to the party. We paused briefly, but resumed while we walked towards the residence hosting the party. My initial excitement at doing something away from the clubs was soon screwed up by my consistent nagging. As soon as Blair and I stepped through the door (and I am even sugarcoating this) we were assaulted by a withered barrage of cat calls, whistles, and lewd comments. “Say girl[s]”, and “Show us your small fucking tits!” shouted from Douche bags, of course hiding in the dense crowd.

Yeah, I need not get into scum-bagging and proper etiquette at the moment. I’ll save this for Chatty Cunt 101. Smh. Anyways after pushing through a room full of scum-bags. I was at least relived that Blair’s bare ass had kept all the undersexed morons attention away from me.

My pre-party drinking decided to make room for more intoxicating beverages and I had to find the restroom. Having no fucking clue in this house where the bathroom was located, I went up a set of stairs hoping the seconds floor would be less crowd. I didn’t give a shit if I was being rude, I needed to use the fucking bathroom. My situation was growing dire, and I was not as careful as I should have been when I dashed up the steps. As I reached the top, I heard and felt an oomph and everything spun as suddenly I was knocked backwards off my feet and landed on my ass. Next me, this petite little Asian chick (yes, even more so than me – petite I mean, not prettier) has already climbed to her feet.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry!!” She cries. She reached over and grabbed my arm helping me up. My focus had shifted from my bladder to on my throbbing ass and now my arm, she had tugged and dug her nails in. I began to say something to her in anger, but when I looked over to her, my anger turned admiration. Good god the little mini-cunt was perfect! I mean, she had short honey brown hear, perfectly proportionate physical features, fashionably tasteful, and sparkling hazel eyes. I creamed my panties (not pee).“I am so sorry. My name is Suong but friends call me Song.” She offered me her hand. It took me a moment to realize she had offered me her hand. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from her. Fucking stunning. “Oh.. uh.. Hey! I’m Jayde.” I replied and took her hand into mines and shook.

Hand in hand for lord knows how long, we stood and stared at each other in silence, just staring at each other. She gave my hand a tight, reassurance. Saliva trickled out of her mouth and down her chin. Watching her salivate and stare caused my pussy to moisten and purr.

**I have to pause here. The events that partook after meeting Song happened over the next few days and cannot be easily concluded until I find out for myself tomorrow.



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  1. larryarcher

    My wife had something vaguely similar happen to her. We were at a huge Lifestyle convention that had taken over an entire Holiday Inn Holidome (sp?). Everything past the front desk area was clothing optional and they had covered the glass doors to the rooms and pool area with paper and had a rent a cop guarding the door 24 hours/day during the weekend.

    Anyway on the Saturday night about 1 or 2 AM, I was wandering around looking for more trouble to get into when I saw a big crowd in the exercise room. When I walked in there lay my sweet innocent slut of a wife laying on a bench buck naked with a cute little dark haired girl in between her legs and wifey had two hands full of hair holding her in place as she came over and over in the girl’s mouth.

    My wife is one of those rare individuals who can come over and over, almost continuously until she is exhausted from climaxing. So I went over and sat behind the girl taking care of her and my wife weakly waved at me as she came again in this sweet things mouth. The girl turned to me after finishing off my wife and asked if I was the husband. When I replied yes, she asked if I would like a taste. Of course I immediately said, “I’d love a taste.”

    Then ever time she would suck off my wife, she would turn and give me a sloppy kiss and let me suck my wife’s juice off her tongue and lips. That was an episode I’ll always remember, it was so erotic

  2. ibosorcn@gmail.com

    Hoe Hunting: Treatin’ your Tricks | Raw, Lewd & Indecent

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