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It was just one of those nights where I just wanted to see some tits.

X was still spending the week in LA, and wouldn’t be getting in until well after midnight. Hrm….. how should I entertain myself? Sure, I could be reading a novel, watching a movie, or working on the blog, but with the all the porn star parties to attend left me overwhelmed with an abundance of choices, plus I didn’t want to attend anything without X. I mean how rude would it have been of me to partake an orgy without my better half? However, my kitty was restless and I knew I would have trouble staying focused. And I DO live in Vegas after all: Strip Club Mecca. Seemed to me a little time out enjoying all the supple boobies and round plump booties (hopefully even motorboating them) would be an awesome start of the weekend before X came to join me.

With X still making the dreadful drive back and the fact that I hadn’t been social with my beloveds nearly as much as I should. I figured tonight would be a chance to remedy that, well until X came back of course! As I finished getting ready, I nabbed the cellphone and speed dialed Nathaniel.

“Arching Tiger (alias) tonight?” I asked.

He laughed. Whew! Glad I didn’t get the cold shoulder for not keeping in touch as prior. We talked for a bit, catching up. I suppose he was much more understanding given my health horror and the fact that X and I rekindled, although I knew he secretly wanted the X cock he was genuinely rooting for team #X-n-Jayde. He was finishing up a dinner meeting and would meet me there. The bouncers very often don’t allow solo women in, so Nathaniel was the perfect safe date. Plus I secretly missed the gayness (happiness, don’t trip) he brought into my life. Giddy, I was excited for what debauchery may come.

I pulled into the parking lot next to Nathaniel and he accompanied me to the entrance. After a brief ID check and swift metal detection wand check, I entered B⁵ Mecca; boobs and bodacious booties on bare bitches

Even though it was already dark outside, it took a minute for my eyes to adjust to the dim interior. I paused just inside, not wanting to miss the appreciating scantily clad of hotties lurking in the entryway to nab up tourists. We walked past them towards the main stage and Nathaniel went to order drinks as I found us an empty table close to the stage.

Nathaniel returned with drinks in hand, the best, most useful BGF (best gay friend) a gal can ask for! I downed the drink almost immediately, motioned the waitress for another then sunk back into my seat, inspecting the talent as Nathaniel and I caught up on our gossip.

The parade of pussy began. The first girl to approach was one of those cloned bleach blond types who populate every strip club, club, plastic surgeon’s office in town. I wonder if there is a replication factory somewhere that makes them or how dudes find that barbie type even hot?! I waved her away, muttering to Nathaniel I was in the mood for more of an exotic fare this evening.

A busty brunette with a Russian accent suddenly landed in Nathaniel’s lap. “Hi, cutie. What is your name?”

“You are definitely barking up the wrong tree, honey.” Nathaniel quipped. “But I think my friend here would not mind a lap dance.”

The Russian plopped over to my lap (ouch!) and made stripper small talk for a minute or so before the start of a new song cued her to shut up and dance. The top came off to reveal a nice large pair of tits and rather small pink nipples. Delicious. Upon sitting in my lap, the Russian began to gyrate, but she lacked any coordination, and her dancing looked as she had stepped into a small colony of ants and with my current state of malnutrition, the dance was more of a beat than a treat. Nathaniel rolled his eyes, and I mouthed “I hate you” since he was the one who picked her. To make the most of it I decided to just focus on her breasts, which incidentally also took my mind off the pain she had caused. I got to feel them for a while and got in a good motorboat at the end so it wasn’t a total waste. After the song ended Nathaniel handed her a twenty and she went bolted so fast when I opened my eyes from a reflex blink she was nowhere to be seen.

We ordered another round and I continued my scan of the ladies, settling on a petite brunette with an absolutely gorgeous face and a very large set of nicely done tits. I flashed her my best smile and she came right over, immediately sitting on my lap and taking my hand and rubbing them on her boobs.

“You’re so pretty!” she purred, her voice higher than I expected. She asked if Nathaniel was my husband, which made him laugh, which pretty much outed him right then and there. “No. I’m all alone tonight.” I replied.

Nathaniel made a few smart ass comments, and to the brunette’s credit, she did a decent job of knocking his banter back at him. A new song saved me from further conversation and as followed the brunette gave me a yearning look so I immediately motioned for a lap dance.
The brunette whispered in my ear her name was Kiki as she removed her tiny top. She was a much better dancer than the preceding Russian. Defying gravity, her breasts remained at perfect cheek level, and she slithery writhed up and down my lap. I felt her arm begin to slide up my skirt, raised my eyebrows, and allowed her to keep going.
Her hand slid her hand beneath my panties and began rhythmic rubbing. I let out a slow moan then discretely took her nipple in appreciation.
“Great Scott!” Nathanael exclaimed, raising his drink in appreciation. I glowered at him to keep his voice down. He just smiled back.
As the moisture began to flow, Kiki shifted, sliding her hand inside. I closed my eyes and began to lick her neck, but then got glitter on my tongue and pulled away sputtering.. Kiki glanced around, then reached over and pulled down my top down slightly, just enough to allow her to nuzzle my breasts.
The pleasuring hands suddenly withdrew, and I realized the song had ended. Kiki stood, putting her top back on, and I gave her $40, after which she left, not even offering to perform a second dance. Fucking tease.

Well, the ebb and flow of the stripper cycle seemed to take a dip, and while Nathaniel continued to wave away girls, a dry spell hit on my side of the table. I watched to stage for a while, finally ordered another round, and then decided to see if the ladies in the back room may be more to my liking.

Before getting all the way, I was set upon by two thin Latina beauties, both wearing bikinis and high heels. I met there eyes, encouraging their approach and introduced myself this time as Jayde. Nathaniel motioned for me, and I continued to the back, the two senorita’s following me unbidden.

The bikini clad dancers each took a seat on either side of me. The one on my right began to engage Nathaniel, who had grown either drunk enough or bored enough to take up the conversation. The Chiquita to my left scooted closer, asking where the usual retinue of questions about where I was from and what I did for a living. Nathaniel rescued me from the inanity telling some horribly long joke about an alligator, which the girls didn’t get, forcing him to explain the punch-line before he excused himself to go to the restroom.

The girls must have realized he was gay at that point, and they both turned to working on me. I looked at the time and decided a double lapdance would be a fine way to end the evening at the Arching Tiger. I handed over two twenties then finished off my drink while waiting for the next song.

Nathaniel returned to see a Jayde sandwich wringing lithely at the table. He shot me a brief thumbs up just as the tops came off the Latin duo and I found myself with four good sized breast pressing against my head from all sided. The senorita’s rubbed against me with sensual confident strokes and a thigh found its way to my crotch and began to rub. I grabbed, caressed, kissed and nibbled on breasts at will. A warm hand reached behind me, and I felt my dress unzip, and be tugged down. A mouth wetly planted itself on my left nipple, and another hand slid under my panties. Not to be outdone, I slid my hand between one of the girl’s legs, and the minx latched onto and pulled it forcefully into her already moist vagina. I rotated my fingers against her g-spot with increasing speed while stimulated her clitoris with my thumb. The fingers rubbing my kitty through my panties were themselves enjoying increasing moisture as I purred in pleasure. The entwined limbs continued to gyrate to the music as soft moans issued from all three of us. I continued working my hand until I felt the vaginal muscles contract in a series of short bursts and a muffled Spanish accented cry of ecstasy followed. I withdrew my hand, slick with wetness, and pretend to lick (better safe than sorry) the glistening moisture from my fingers in long sensual tongue motions.
The other girl leaned in a began to kiss me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. The song came to a close, and I let out a frustrated sigh as the hand withdrew from between my legs.
I pulled my dress up quickly and grabbed my compact to check my make-up. Nathaniel’s mouth hung half open in amazement. “I’m gay, and even I was turned on.” he said.
I pulled out yet another twenty for each of the girls and passed it to them. I was surprised that they weren’t getting up to leave. Time is money after all.
“Where are you staying?” one asked.
Great. Here we go. The “pay me however many hundred to come over and help you to “relax” speech. Sorry, girls. Do I look like I have to pay for sex?!
“I’m local,” I answered. That is pretty much the understood code in town that working girls know means “not interested”
“Oh! I didn’t know you lived in town,”
How the hell would they know where I lived.
“Well, Henderson actually,” I smiled, putting my compact away. I motioned for the waitress to bring the bill.
“We just assumed you were in town for the convention,”
Nathaniel was quicker on the uptake than me.
“Aren’t you the smart ones,” he crooned, “You guys were the only two who recognized her tonight,”
The girls giggled at the complement. I narrowed my eyes at Nathaniel.
“I didn’t want to say anything. I wasn’t sure,” the shorter girl started.
“I knew it was you, Asa,” the taller girl interrupted.
Nathaniel didn’t let up.
“Well, Ms. Akira. I think you should sign an autographs to your two fans here.”
“I didn’t bring a pen, NATHANIEL,” I growled. As mentioned prior I hate being the center of attention.
“Are there any parties tonight? I know the big ones are this weekend.
The two whispered briefly. We would love to meet some other stars!” They then looked at me bright eyed, bushy tailed.
“You should totally bring them to the party at the Cosmo!” Nathaniel continued, his eyes alight with mirth. “I bet there will be producers there. Maybe these two would want to try and get into a movie?”
The two girls let out squeals of glee. I scooted back in case any urine happened to began as they might as well have pissed themselves.
Just then my phone chirped in my purse. I glanced at it and so X had just gotten to the house.
And instantaneously I had a wicked idea as a smirk formed on my face.
“That party was canceled,” I smiled, and shrugged. The girls looked crestfallen for a moment. But I continued on before Nathaniel could instigate more mischief. “But you remember Harry, my producer friend. He just text me and he just got into town.”
Nathaniel’s turn to narrow his eyes. But he played along.
“Harry? Tall guy?”
“Yep. He was supposed to call me when he got into town. He wanted me to go out on the town with me and look for some fresh talent.” I looked over at the two girls and smiled. But maybe I’ll just bring some talent to him, well that is if you’re interested?”
Fresh squeals of delight erupted.
“Can you guys get out early tonight,”
Both nodded.
Great. You know the Cosmo? Meet me at the Pravda (alias) bar, say 12:30?”
They nodded excitedly.
“Great! Let me text Harry and tell him to hang tight. ” I grabbed my phone and text X. I told him to get the “kink bag” and bunch of condoms, dress like a porn producer, and get a room at the Cosmo.
“Can’t we just role-play at home?” he text back.
“Not if you want to interview two bikini wearing strippers for your next big movie.”
“LMAO. You are evil. I love you…. OMW.”

X text me that he was just checking in and gave me the room number. I headed over to the Cosmo and parked. It was 12:20 when I reached the elevator, not time enough to give X a proper greeting before my would be starlets showed up but I did text him a brief play by play. So I walked the brief distance to Vdara and parked myself right at the bar.
I was just contemplating ordering a second drink, when, only four minutes late, I saw the two Latina dancers walking my way. They had put on some fairly nice clothes and had done their makeup, and frankly, didn’t look bad at all. I’ve learned through bitter experience that strip clubs are kept dark for a reason.
I text X that we would be up in a few minutes and to get ready. I then waved to the girls and offered them a round. After collecting a fresh drink, I led the two senoritas to the elevator.
We reached the door to the suite and I knocked. After a brief few moments of shuffling, the door opened. I had to restrain myself from laughing as X appeared. His hair was slicked back circa 1920s style, and he was sporting thick glasses that made his eyes look twice as big. I don’t know where he purchased a suit this late, or maybe it was one he had in storage, but the thing was a hideous deep purple, with a black shirt buttoned to his neck. His hands were adorned with numerous cheap rings on both sides. LOL he looked like a dorky PIMP!
“Asa!” He cooed, affecting a British accent. “How wonderful of you to drop by. I was so looking forward to enjoying your company. Vegas is never the same when you aren’t on my arm. “Or on your massive cock Harry” I added.
“Oh, Harry. You’re looking as stylish as always,” I beamed back, leaning forward as we fake kissed each other’s cheeks like the French do.
“Please, all of you come in,” he said, stepping away from the door. I led the girls inside. As I did so, X brought a, I swear to god, pipe to his lips and began to puff.
“Ladies, welcome!” he bowed slightly. “I see you already have drinks or I would offer you one. I did however take the liberty of ordering some finger foods, as you Americans call it from room service if you wish for a bite.”
I introduced my two companions, who bashfully offered their hands to X. He led us down a from the door to a fairly spacious sitting area. There was a squat marble table laid out with several dishes, a half-finished drink, an ashtray, napkins, lube and a bowl full of XL magnums. The large window looked down over the bustling strip. I squinted, trying to see if I could make out my house, but it was too far.
“So, Asa informs me you two are interested in possibly acting/modeling?”
They both spoke at once, saying how much they would love to break in the adult business.
X listened to each of them in turn, politely nodding, and periodically taking a puff from his Gandalf looking pipe.
“Well. I know you two are dancers and it’s true a lot of talent started out the same way, but you must know that there are consequences if you start doing adult films. Sure, the money is good and you will make ten times what you make now anytime you perform in a club. You will be recognized, possibly at embarrassing moments. Friends may see the films.” X explained
“We’ve both done some gonzo stuff. Even did a lesbian scene together that is on the web.” They both replied synced.
“I see. Well as you know there is a required test run.” He nonchalantly explained.
“Oh we know and we are super ready!” They answered eagerly.
“Okay then babes let me set up the cameras and we shall begin !” I butted in. “Let me conjure up a scene and we shall begin the try outs. I see potential in you two beauties so don’t waste my time. Give me 20 minutes and I will go over the role play you are expected to follow.”


About 2:45AM the doorbell rang, and I went up answer, wearing a thin black lace robe and nothing else. I ushered both girls in, noting they were dressed in much less sexy street clothes. I took drink orders and served up a round as the senorita’s called lavish compliments on my place and went out to the balcony to take in the view.
I took the drink to the balcony, and found the each smoking a Black & Mild. I was offered one, shrugged, and partook. The girls spoke excitedly in Spanish to one another, and after finishing, returned inside and immediately began to kiss with full tongue, as they began to tug off each others clothes. I was motioned to come over, and the now topless woman both turned on me and took off my robe in unison. Each of them took a breast in their mouth and I moaned in pleasure. Across the room on the chaise lounge Harry observed.
“The bedroom is this way,” I gasped as I stumbled away. Clothes were thrown off as we made our way to the back of the condo and onto my bed.
One of the girls immediately set to work on my kitty, while the second’s bald vagina lowered itself upon my mouth gently. I worked the labia and made my way to the clitoris, pausing as the tongue in my own pussy expertly caressed my clitoris.
I made slow strokes along the clitoris with my tongue, and quickly increased the pace as I sensed the orgasm approaching. As soon as she finished cumming, I dove my tongue deep into her vagina, and began to lick the g-spot as I sensed my own orgasm beginning to build. I came and we switched positions, repeating a similar scene. After a second round of orgasms, I motioned Harry to join us, while enjoying yet a third mouthful of vagina, and after I came and decided to tap out, I demanded the girls stop. I then whispered into their ears to attack Harry. Grab him. Throw him on the mattress. Tie him up with the Japanese black rope I had just purchased and ravish him. But not before blindfolding him. It needed a genuine feel to the rape.
Obedient as two hot horny desperados can be, they followed my orders. They ransacked Harry and threw him onto the bed. Tied him limb after limb to each of the post and then blindfolded him. Dumbfounded they did not know what to do next and looked at me for guidance. “Smh, how can you two possibly be porn stars if you have to be told what to do?!” They frowned. “Don’t stand there with your thumbs in your asses! Rip Harry’s clothes off and blow him, suck his balls, lick his ass, take turn riding him!!! Make him CUM! Be UNFORGETTABLE!” I barked.
And that they did. They ripped off the cheap fabric off his bottom. Then Latina #1 devoured his throbbing cock whilst the Latina #2 licked and sucked his balls simultaneously. I laughed from a distance as #1 was having trouble deep throbbing him. He is quite big and I am quite sure she wasn’t use to his size. Hell! I am still not use to his size.
An idea emerged and I gracefully approached the distressed damsel. I grabbed her hair by the hand full, startling her and shoved her face into his cock. She gagged and her eyes watered and tears streamed down her face but you can clearly tell her loved every tasty inch of him. I repeated my forceful deepthroat a few more times before I let go and decided to occupy Harry’s mouth with my lips.
After moments of pleasure derived from his tongue I stood up and decided I wanted to aid #2 in ball sucking. So, for moments on end #1 was choking, #2 was licking and sucking and I was taking my precious time enjoying my husband’s left ball in my mouth.
I grew bore of the dynamic after a while and decided I wanted #1 to fuck him. So after tearing open a condom and teaching the poor girl to roll it on his cock with her mouth I commanded her to straddle him. (Wasn’t that hard to) #2 asked me what she should do and I answered, “Lick your friends pussy secretions off my Harry’s balls and it drips. I want not a drop of her evident! Understood?” And she nodded with eager and willingness.
I grabbed the toy I purchased earlier that night and strapped it on. I slowly waddled over to #1 and prep her anal with my tongue before penetrating it. She let out a loud moan of satisfaction as Harry and I double penetrated her.
#2 licking the secretions, #1 getting double penetrated, Harry tied up and being ravish, and I peaking climax as I am watching this magnificent scene of carnage before my eyes.
“Baby! I am about to cum and I only want my cum in you!!” Harry suddenly said with a worrisome but very heart melting voice. I shouted at #1 to get off him, in which she obeyed immediately. “#1 and #2 put your faces close to his cock! NOW!” I said as I rushed over to my love and started to jack him off. He exploded, moaning in utter contentment.
I sprayed his cum all over the Latinos faces. Facialing them with the one thing I treasure most, my love’s warm, glorious cum. And I smiled.

While we all got dressed the girls asked an abundance of questions. “My friend Blanca wants to know if you would mind signing an autograph,”
I looked up confused.
“We’ve never slept with a porn star before!” Blanca followed.
My eyebrows went up.
“We are big fans of your Asa,” the first one added.
“But I’m not…”
“Oh please!” Blanca broke in. “I can’t tell you how awesome it would be. We would love a souvenir to remember our party,”
I looked over at my Husband, the love of my life and smiled.


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