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After Thursday night, X and I relaxed and ended up staying in on Friday which has been an ongoing trend I’d like to nip in the butt as soon as my energy levels are what they use to be. It gave him a chance to fuck with some coding and I could write. Since transitioning the blog we have reached some pain in the ass obstacles we knew nothing about. Being he is a doctor his schedule is busy enough and I am a sickly writer who needs her energy saved for debaucheries (quite frankly shit wasn’t interesting enough for me to even want to learn), we have been just paying to fix the issues. RLI’s stats is foremost important when I am ready to shop for advertisers, therefore the transferring of my stats from the very birth of RLI until this present second has to be an option or I won’t switch. Anyways, we paid WordPress for them to move all the stats and subscriber, but that soon proved paying to see a top notch escort to try to pick up one of the guys on “Showtime’s’ Gigolos” would have been money better spent.

X has an acquaintance names Amaru, a promoter/procurer of rare items who always is in the know it seems. Well naturally of course Mr. Scene Queen (Amaru) invited X, the doctor to those elite, would give an invite to an exclusive AVN “Adult” party he was affiliated with. This party was rumored (by the lips of Amaru) in the past years to have been held in one of the higher end hotels in town and was notorious for the shenanigans once some adult stars showed up. I figured hey, now that I was officially in the adult industry after auditioning two dancers a few nights ago, why the fuck not?!

After some last minute costume shopping we returned home and beautified ourselves. I then decided somewhere between painting my toes and primping the puss, I prepped a treat bag for the tricks. And by bag of trick treats and kink I mean a fairly large, tastefully designed duffel bag full of the following:

Jayde’s Bag of Kinks:
● Wet Wipes & Sheer Strawberry Dental Dam (to cover the stink so I can devour the pink)
● Black Japanese Rope (for dominating damsels)
● Large Bottle of Silicone Lube (for the lewd sexy nudes begging to be ensued, wooed & ultimately subdued to be roughly screwed by my dude)
● Glass & Leather Flogger (to stylishly spank the dank of the skank)
● High Vibratory Adult Toy (just in case my tongue grows numb from too much fun)
● Plugin Magic Wand (for hardcore fuck-mates who only will be satiated by something that massively vibrates)
● Skyn Large Condoms (for the latex allergic missus. “Ain’t no biznit fucking them bitches who hella itches!”)
● Don’t be a dumb douche and play smart and cover with rubber over your prick. Trust no bitch! You never know what chick will lick your dick and make it hella sick. Vice Versa.

Once I finished packing I slipped into my dress and double checked I had absolutely everything. From screwed up to screwed none, history has taught me a lesson. I learned when I do not meticulously plan and prep. I looked at all I needed “just in case” and felt kittenish and foolish when I looked over at the mountain forming from stuff I was dead sure we needed. —Change of clothes, check. Kink bag, check. Towels, (don’t ask, cause now I think about it I really do not fucking know why we would ever need these!)… check. Cigarettes, check. Charged iphones and iphone chargers, check. X erect, energized and ready for those blessed big assed, big breasts all completely in the flesh. Mostly not covered in a single article of clothing, one or two barely dressed. Nevertheless, all those bitches hot-n-horny for some triple X sex— oh yes, I said it. Raw, lewd and indecently mind blowing sex. You know, The “Oh Xxxxxxxx…..” type of fucking messy, unsuppressed, orgasmic sex. CHECK, CHECK FUCKING CHECK!

After staring at the pile prepped for pussy pounding whilst being lost in a daydream caused by checking off a list of nighttime debauchery. I finally snapped out of it and realized just how fucking horny I had made myself. My kitty dripping wet, all down my thighs. I pulled my pantieless legs further apart causing my secretions to (find word for cobweb). Only then had I appreciated to what extent of horny I actually was. and I shouted for X to load the car and in return I will blow his load in the car as he drove us to the strip.
Suck. Suck. Suck. Swallow.

Upon arriving at the hotel we valet and had the bellmen grab our bags as we went to check in. We figured why not stay a night, my body is already too weak. Hell after all the sex I aim to partake in I will be dead; Death By Orgasm. I noticed as X and I were standing at the lobby of the hotel check-in that a few other couples dressed up and had hoped they were too going to the same party.
When we arrived, I was surprised to see that not one, but three adjacent suites had been rented and decorated. Each suite had a separate them. One was decked out with black and had fluorescent lighting with various large objects sporting leather straps. Kinky and cool. The center suite was lowly lit, with soft classical music playing. Most of the people seemed to be in the center suite, and were dressed in suits and gowns, wearing masquerade masks and chatting in low voices. The third room was also darkly lit, and I could hear the low base of some pop song in between the hisses of a dry ice fogger. Blue and Red lights lit the suite, and several small tables, a makeshift bar, a stage of all things, and a no less than three stripper poles had been set up. I could of sworn I was back at the Arching Tiger (alias), had it not been for a few large beds also situated towards the periphery of the suite and the attached open bedrooms as well.

X and I looked to each other impressed. Of course the first stop was the bar. X was pleased that blue cheese olives were available to perfect his usual extra dirtier than Lindsay Lohan goose martini. Since I AM such a classy lady I of course ordered a chilled double shot of Patron; lime, salt. As we waited for the bartender to mix up our refreshments I looked at X and he broke the silence saying, “How adorable Baby, to honor the infamous Jayde Onyx Lei, they brought your second home to you!” “Fucker….” I whispered before abruptly getting cut off by the bartender’s announcement of our drinks being ready.

I grabbed my drink and held it up, clinking X’s glass, “For tonight and the upcoming hours blessed and bestowed upon this honorably horny Harlot hoarding one very persist purring pussy. May my pantieless puss and your pretty pink penis prowl for some prey to pounce!” As I sipped my drink to honor the night I scanned the first room; The Arching Tiger II. Having been the room was too dark and loud for small talk, I saw no point in scouring for details, so we walked over to the second suite. There was perhaps thirty people crowding this suite alone, and I couldn’t help but to wonder if this was the entire guest list. If it this is all this party had to offer perhaps I might as well lower my expectations from Hell Yeah! to Meh. “If drunk enough” then maybe, Baby. The crowd was definitely better looking than other events of this nature we had attended. Mostly 35 and up, except for a few dancers who no doubt had been paid to attend. Still, only a few men suited-up and there was one… by a long shot, maybe two “da da damn….” damsels dolled-up. From past experiences I have gathered some facts about swinging and swingers that I will follow up in a more detail, just not in this post.

A couple approached us and we exchanged some brief small talk. The couple was at a 6 (hotness rated on a 1-10 scale) at most, and that is me being very generous. What did I expect though, this common, average, unremarkable swinging couples seems to be trending amongst couples in “lifestyle”. After what felt like a long ass five minutes of mindless conversing with two “Bible bumpers”. I swear watching my little brown babies swimming has been more entertaining than these two combine can ever aspire to be. I am still dumbfounded with their loyalty to their God, yet they are here… trying to chat me up to fuck me. Or did they have something else sinister up their sleeves? I stood there looking at X, trying to indiscreetly get him to hold me closer just in case these possibly bat shit insane kooks plan to bitch-slap me, tie me to a bed, read verses of pray out loud while they attempt some sort of exorcism involving candles, them nude, shoving random objects up their rectum… Okay I’ve gone too far. You get my point. Contradictory.

They stood in front of X and I, babysitting their drinks in one hand and their thumb up each other’s anus. They cease to exist beyond that point and I turned to X and started a conversation just for conversation sake. Noticing we weren’t including them in conversation they excused themselves. When the bore sores left I sighed in relief. If I had to entertain another undesirable couple, humdrum I was going to drown myself in the jacuzzi.

Spoke way too soon.
Ass to Mouth.
Ass to Foot….
Foot in Mouth.

Oh but of course, story of my life. Yet another couple that had no business being at a party whereas they would partake in nude, lewd or attempt to screw anyone… NOT even each other! (shudders) Walked straight towards X and I. I turned around slightly and frantically scanned the nonexistent crowd behind X and I. Damn it! No hopes to blend into anyone’s conversation to avoid Mr. & Mrs. Ledward.

Defeated, I cursed the heavens for their twisted humor and quickly composed myself. Praying for a miracle I awkwardly forced a smile on my face. They had pathetic, over eaters… I mean overachievers written all over them. Like beast in the nights they swooped in and just tapped themselves away. I did notice the father hippo tapped away to the mother hippo and they both were so distracted yapping X grabbed my hand and we fled towards the hallway and made our way to the third suite.

Upon walking in, I spotted someone rather familiar and then it hit me! That was fucking Chesca! The skank from two Halloweens ago! <click here> She had a paint on mask, which didn’t disguise her at all, and had traded the sexy police outfit for a scarlet teddy and red fuck me pumps. She also appeared to have traded her partner in as well. Instead of the Barbie clone named Kat, she was holding the hand of a be speckled brunette also dressed in lingerie, although a more conservative baby blue top and bottom. It was a fucking hot memory, but it’s time for payback bitches!

I had turn to look at X and he already knew it was her. We both kind of just stared at each other and X states that he will start conversation and I take her from surprise. Then X walked toward them and started small talk. I perhaps waited a few minutes before gracefully making my way towards them. That is when X steered the conversation subtly to talking about his profession, More small talk and a couple of questions, and X had gotten Chesca’s date discussing that she had periodic flares of chronic low back pain. He signaled me and I came up behind Chesca just as he told Chesca date to follow him to an area a little more open so he could better check out her back.
I slid my arm around Chesca to prevent her from following, and whispered sensually in her ear. “I’ve been looking at you all night baby. I want to eat your pussy. Will you let me….eat..your pretty pussy?” She tried to turn, but I allowed her only a brief glimpse with me wearing the mask before I tightened my grip and made her turn her head back. “I asked you once and won’t do it again!!” This time not so seductive. And she nods her head excitably. Taking a page out of her playbook from the year before, I began to nibble on her neck as I took out a small length of Japanese silk rope and secured her hands behind her. I heard her breathing increase with excitement and her legs begin to writhe. Making her face forward, I led her to the S&M room and to the spot I had selected. I turned her around and firmly began kissing her. She melted into it. I could feel her pulse pounding with excitement.

As I continued kissing her, I began to urge her backward. She yielded, until she reached a waist high table with a plush black leather surface. I then began to lick her chin and neck, and she moaned. I pressed her backwards, and she laid back on the table and I climbed on a straddled her. I continued nibbling and sucking, and she didn’t offer any resistance as I moved down to arm. I secured her arm in one of the leather straps on the table and then continued downward, to her navel, then to her inner thigh, and down to her calf. I secured the leg, and did the same to other legs, and finally finished with the right arm. Spread eagle and unable to move, I reached for one of the items I had stowed earlier then I leaned down and kissed her long and slow. As I withdrew, I took the ball gag and secured it Her eyes grew wide, but I held her secure, and finished tightening the restraint. She began to protest, but her eyes were still glistening with excitement.

I took off my mask and met her eyes, smiling. I saw the recognition in hers and the sudden fear intermingled with desire and excitement. I ran my hands over her body, caressing her. Then I began to remove her clothes, cutting what I couldn’t remove any other way, until she was naked and spread eagle. I cupped her breasts and gently pinched her nipples, before suckling on that for a few seconds.

“So vulnerable,” I teased, bringing my hand down and doing gentle circles around her labia. The moisture was almost pouring out, and her pelvis began arching up. I slowed, letting her ecstasy drain away, then began to stimulate more rapidly again. She was so wet, I slid three fingers inside her without a trace of resistance. I then bent my head forward and with a delicate stroke, brought my tongue up the length of her clitoris she moaned and shuddered in response.

I brought her to the brink of climax, then stopped. Then I cupped her vagina in my hand, then entered her, and stimulated her yet again I alternated manual and lingual stimulation several times, always leaving her just short. Behind her gag, her voice was indecipherable but pleading.

I reached down and grabbed the massive vibrating wand out from my duffel bag and plugged it in. I put it on the lowest setting and ran it up her leg. I briefly I held it against her vulva, then backed off, turning up setting slightly. I repeated the process a few more times, pressing the vibrating head harder and longer on the clit each time. Finally, taking a couple of the loose leather straps, I secured the vibrator into the straps and set it against her sex so it couldn’t be moved. I leaned over, kissed her one final time, then took out my lipstick and wrote below her belly button. “Fuck me please!!!”

“I’m going to leave you as you left me, restrained and helpless, At the mercy of whomever happens to be passing by.” I dropped the lipstick in the duffel picked it up and walked away without looking at her again. I could hear her muffled shouts from behind the gag. I stopped walking once I was where she couldn’t see me, and nodded to X, who was at the entrance to the suite with Chesca’s date. I nodded slightly and he pretended to just see me. “Oh there they are over there,” he pointed. I did a brief wave and then pointed to the table where Chesca was. I walked over to X and we swiftly went right to the elevators. In the lobby, we passed a large gathering of men and women who I mostly didn’t recognize but a few. SMH. The porn stars had finally arrived.

X went to get the car and I waited. A minute or two later X pulled up in the car and got out and held the door as I got in the passenger seat. As he got back in the car, he was chuckling.

“I can’t wait to read this one on your site. Nothing too crazy sexually but a hell of a lot of material. And what the fuck? The porn stars couldn’t have came earlier??”
I laughed in response and took his hand. “Love pie, I am pretty damn sure they DID cum earlier. On each other and every where!”


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