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If you’ve been following social media lately, you’ve probably heard that news about Michigan updating their sex laws. Specifically, they updated an old bestiality law that technically makes it punishable by up to 15 years in prison for having anal or oral sex.

Now, I don’t imagine you’d bust out the lube and engage in anal sex with a city official watching, so it’s questionable about how enforceable the law will be, but sometimes it’s the principle of things.

Who would DARE to tell you what acts between consenting adults should be legal?!

The answer? Everyone.

It Get’s A Lot Crazier

Okay, maybe not EVERYONE, but governments around the world do have some pretty weird sex laws. In Michigan, it’s anal and oral sex. You know, despite the state’s progressive stance that 16, not 18, is legal age of consent. But it gets crazier when you look around the globe…

  • In China, women can be punished by the court of law by walking around the hotel room in the buff. They’re allowed to be naked in the bathroom, but once you exit the bathroom, women are supposed to be dressed. Don’t despair though, Hong Kong Chinese women can legally kill their cheating husbands, provided they use their bare hands…
  • In Washington, the state law technically prohibits having sex with virgins under any circumstances, including the wedding night. Which would mean that it’s always a crime to take a woman’s virginity, even if she’s your legal wife.
  • In Florida, the state prohibits men from licking, biting or otherwise kissing their wives’ breasts. No, not in public, just in general. As in, if you have sexy foreplay in your own bedroom, the law would technically require your many to kiss down your neck, skip your breasts and resume on your stomach.
  • In Bahrain, things get even sillier… Gynecologists are legally required to only do their job (that is, check a woman’s lady parts) with a mirror. Which means that if you have something going on that can’t be seen with a mirror, your OB/GYN would be breaking the law to find it.
  • In Budapest, Hungary, couples are prohibited from having sex with the lights on… Which is even more outrageous than Michigan’s oral/anal law. Things getting hot and heavy? Hold on! I need to turn the lights off…. Wouldn’t want another court charge, now would we?

Safe to say, sex laws are crazy everywhere. Not to mention the laws in Las Vegas with the Sin City escorts agencies. They’re not enforced that often, though, and if you’re having private, consenting sex between two adults, you’re probably good to just have fun. Let your hair down, walk around your hotel room naked, kiss your wife’s breasts and leave the lights on!

Just don’t cheat on your wife in Hong Kong, boys… No one will blame her if she chokes you to death. Literally.

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