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Don’t Be A Dick: Strip Club Etiquette

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With the succession of attention received by Don’t Be A Dick: Tips From The Tricks Of The Trade, I’ve decided to expand Don’t Be A Dick into a series and present you with a guideline to Strip Club etiquette from the headlining entertainers themselves; Kendra Baby and Syndi Madison. Two equally breathtaking beauties working full-time as Strippers at an infamously known as the largest strip club in Las Vegas and part-time as private party Strippers for reputable agency shares their advice on the Do’s and Don’ts of strip club mannerism. (I’m just the writer.)

The forefront: Bring the monies.

Simple enough, bring fucking money. Do not come to the strip club intending to spend the cost of cover, one drink and maybe one lap dance. Just because you’ve paid to enter the establishment doesn’t entitle you to an all-inclusive buffet of risqué entertainment. The strip clubs do not pay the strippers to entertain, precisely the opposite. Considering they’re the main attraction and only entertainment besides the DJ, the Strippers pay the strip club, the bartender, the DJ, and the bouncers a percentage of their earnings per shift.
Stripping is a laborious career. The common misconception of stripping is that it’s easy and quick money. To an extent, the stereotype holds a bit of truth, but consider the sacrifices they’re making at the leisure of men. Then factor in the continuous rotation of misogynistic customers walking in carrying with them the weight of their enormous egos needing to be filled, their delusions of grandeur and their shamefully puny penises as they never fail to surpass the nightly criteria for douchebaggery by blatantly disrespecting the establishment and its entertainers. Exactly, Strippers deal with a lot of bullshit to earn their keep, so don’t burden them with inconsiderate bullshit by taking up valuable time and space without making a contribution to the cause.
No monies, no hot honey.

The first rule of consideration: Respect the strippers.

Strippers are living, breathing humans with emotions, baggage, and responsibilities just like everybody else. Although the entertainment they provide is sexually motivated their career choice does not define who they are and it definitely does not set them apart from the masses to be sexually objectified. Contrary to popular belief, not all Strippers come from broken homes, have Daddy issues, strip to fund their drug addiction, and/or borderline personality disordered. Some enjoy Stripping, others rely on the support to afford the opportunity to advance academically. Whichever reason they may have is irrelevant. Unless the individual proves otherwise, treat them as you would yourself. Just be fucking kind.

Disrespectful Behaviors:

  • Strippers appreciate your money, but crumping money into balls and throwing it at them is not at all flattering and borderline rude.
  • Center stage seating is premium seating and limited seating. If you decide to occupy said seat, then have the decency to contribute to the dancers on stage.
  •  Keep your illegitimate sexual advances to yourself. Never are you ever entitled to grab the Stripper’s tits, ass and/or vagina. No one gives a fuck if you’ve blown thousands of dollars that night, Strippers are people, not property.
  •  Strippers are not looking to be romanticized by customers. Chances are they already have a significant other at home. Do not attempt to swoon, sway, kiss, lick, or “purchase” a Stripper.
  •  Strip Clubs regulations require the Strippers to approach customers persistently. If you’re not feeling the stripper yet she keeps approaching you try to keep in mind her persistence is obligatory and her employment depends on it. Politely decline, and if she persists ask for a manager. That should end the nonsenses immediately.
  •  Strippers are not prostitutes. No, they do not, will not, want to fuck you.
  •  Pay the Stripper immediately after each lap dance.

Second to one: Tip generously, tip wildly, tip considerably.

Again, stripping isn’t easy and remember, the money accrued via lap dances, champagne and VIP rooms is split amongst the house, bouncers, bartenders, and the DJ at the end of every shift. Besides the DJ, Strippers are the main attraction and the club’s only entertainment. The club primarily depends on the Strippers to generate income so if your stripper was attentive and fulfilled her entertaining duties beyond expectation, then she deserves the bonus. Love the titties? Then tip her biggie! Please tip your darling Strippers, Gentlemen.

Third’s the charm: Know your limits.

There is nothing worse than a belligerently drunk customer stumbling around the strip club obnoxiously grabbing the girls, attempting to climb the stripper pole, or getting kicked out of the strip club. Both Kendra Baby and Cyndi Madison emphasize the importance of keeping a cool composure whilst enjoying the booze, babes, and boobs. Getting completely smashed at a strip club is dangerous and could leave you susceptible to vulnerabilities. An intoxicated individual will have significantly lower inhibitions than if sober. In addition, the same individual will hinder their ability to control impulsivity which in turn, will often lead to poor choices, a higher possibility to indulge in risky behaviors and chances are you will wake up hung over and full of regret from last night’s escapade of splurging with reckless abandonment. You’re out enjoying the night, lights and salacious entertainment, so don’t ruin a great night with excessive drinking, carelessness, and whiskey dick.

Last but never the least: Relish in reality; it’s your fantasy.

Babes, Babes, Babes-and-Boobs of course, are the reasons strip clubs are so popular. The ambiance, the tantalizing dance of erotica heightening your senses, feeding your soul, warming your body, everything tingling down below. It’s the tease that fills the need to be pleased. The allure of desiring the untouchable. Whatever you make of the experience is entirely up to you. Just remember to respect the ladies, consume cocktails in moderation, and come prepared to spend some money!


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