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Read This Before Hiring An Escort

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Read This Before Hiring An Escort

(Note to viewers: This is an unofficial escort guide. Awesome, right? I know.)


When I made the executive decision to revamp my blog to gear towards the sex industry, I did willing and fully aware escort services in Vegas would soon find its way into the limelight. Why wouldn’t it? It is plastered all over the streets of Vegas in the form of billboards, flyers and tiny little immigrant fucks obnoxiously flicking cards in your face to the extent it feels like they are forcing you to deep throat their “Girls, Girls! Girls directly to your room!” cards. I make this statement dramatically and in actuality of what really happens down by the Las Vegas Strip, but the truth of the matter is there is no shame in the escort game. Honestly, I encourage the experience. Ergo, this escort guide. 

As you’ve probably experienced or heard from other’s experiences, Las Vegas is armed and heavily equipped with every possible adult themed vice one could ever dream to be immersed in. From the moment you’re checked into your hotel, you are within walking distance from one vice to the other. Some in the form of gambling, some in the form of headlining DJs and bottle service, and others packaged glamorously and delivered straight to your suite to unwrap and enjoy at your leisure. That’s right. Anyway you want. Anywhere you want. Any style you want. Any girl you want. Escorts in Las Vegas is a tale as old as time, just as gambling in Las Vegas is a tale as old as time. Not because one is without the other but more so Vegas isn’t complete without all of it combined. There is with great reason this city is coined the city of sin. This is the only city in the world you can turn your fantasies into realities and not be judged or ridiculed. Matter fact, indulgence is condoned here.

So where do you sign up and with whom can you unleash your most carnal desires? Well, this is where it becomes a bit of an issue. If you are not from Vegas or a frequent visitor, the process in procuring an escort is intimidating. Surprising enough, the internet does not provide enough reliable information on the topic and if you do attempt to research information regarding escorts in Las Vegas, you will find yourself faced with a plethora of horror stories, or worse, escort marketing Ads! Most people walk in blindfolded and hope for the best results… Silly right? Not really if you consider the reason why everything is so hush-hush. People visit Las Vegas with the assumption prostitution is legal. It is not. There are select few counties, roughly 90 miles west of Las Vegas which have legalized the feel good deed but Clark county isn’t one of them. But none of that really matters anyways because what does Hicktown prostitution have in common with Vegas escorts? Absolutely nothing. Contrary to popular belief, the two are remarkably different.

In comparing the two, let me begin with prostitution. Prostitution in small towns such as Parump, NV comes in the form of a brothel. A brothel is an establishment usually made up of several different bedrooms and houses several different prostitutes. Each bedroom is assigned to one girl for however long she has agreed to work for said establishment. When a “John” aka Customer walks in, all of the girls will line up for selection. Whomever he selects, she will then lead him to her bedroom and render sexual services at his request. It is straight to the point. Wham, Bam, Thank you, Ma’am!  With escorts in Las Vegas, it is entirely different. You are investing into an experience not just a service. Whether it be the full fledged Las Vegas Girlfriend experience (GFE) or perhaps something more simple like a in-room full service massage Las Vegas style, or even your very own private naked stripper, it is the intimate connection beyond what’s primitive you are paying for.


Now to the fun part: How to properly procure an escort and maximize your experience with said escort.


Be in the Know:

Before we indulge on any further information it is important you’ve come quipped and mentally prepared. Prepared for what? Well, prepared to face the truth, say “Fuck it” and grab life by the boobs. The truth is people are judgmental and shitty. They are so quick to assume that because someone has chosen to hire an escort they are ill-equipped, lame or a loser when factually it is the exact opposite. There are a lot of great looking men who are career driven, high powered and influential hire escorts regularly. Ask any reputable escort and she will attest to this. Rather than wasting what limited leisure time they have aimlessly seeking companionship, they know what they want and they get it. They have no qualms about it nor are they ashamed for wanting it. They’ve said “Fuck it” and grabbed life by the boobs, so what are you waiting for? The first step in maximizing your escort experience is to cast away all the ignorant feelings of shame, guilt or judgment you’ve placed on hiring an escort. After all, you’re paying for the experience so experience it to the fullest.  


Knowledge is futile:

It is important you are aware of the various types of escorts you will find in Las Vegas. Trust me when I say this information might one day save your life so read carefully and apply generously.

  • The Stereotypical Pimp Owned Escort – You’ll find this type of escort advertising themselves literally on the streets of Vegas or in the seedy section of the Back Page Las Vegas advertising as an independent escort for a bargain. These individuals are neither escorts nor are they the type you want to conduct business with. Avoid at all cost!! Besides the fact that you’re practically contributing to human trafficking and/or worse, underage solicitation, you are risking your safety and possibly your freedom doing business with these people. And by these people I mean Pimps. Pimps possess absolutely zero work ethics and have only one thing in mind: YOUR MONEY. You never know if you’re going to get set-up, scammed or robbed. Never, and I mean never get involved with these people!
  • The Self-proclaimed Independent Escort – Although seen advertised as independent the fact of the matter is you do not know what kind of situation you are getting yourself into. Unless your escort game is on point or you have a great referral resource this type of escort is a unicorn to find let alone hire. Which in both cases the point in reading this article ceases to exist. So why are you reading this? Why?
  • The Agency Contracted Escort – These agencies are everywhere, and I mean literally everywhere in Vegas. The streets, sewers, and practically the sky are littered with their advertisements. They are considerably the safest route to go but with that said, there are reputable agencies and there are shady agencies. When I use the term shady what I am referring to are the agencies that operate on a massive scale. They are the ones littering the street with flyers and have strategically placed tiny aggressive card flickers on every corner flicking their cards with careless abandonment.….flicking their cards for no reason other than to annoy you as you walk by them…. Just flicking away in your face giving no fucks… and they truly do not care. Just like their marketing strategy of quantity over quality, you can say the same for their business ethics. Avoid the hassle and opt for the smaller agencies instead. Why smaller? Well, to list a few reasons:
  • Smaller equals more concentration and less liable to fuck up.
  • Work ethics.
  • Quality not quantity.
  • More personable, better guarantees.


(I have listed a few reputable agencies I know of which operate on a smaller scale. You can find their information by clicking here.)

Quality over Quantity:

I’ve recently read a poorly depicted “disastrous tale” about this random guy’s encounter with an escort followed by a bunch of dreadful comments made by some really shitty guys. Here is a short synopsis of the story:

“A Douchebag got into an argument with his girlfriend and she refused to put out. Since she didn’t put out, he decided he was going to hire someone else to fill his needs elsewhere. The issue was he didn’t have a lot of money to spend and only wanted to spend a little portion of what little he possessed. So he figured the cheapest way to get off would be via hand job. He walked into a “Spa” and ordered up a fresh batch of “Rub-n-Tug” under the value menu and complained about how terrible the ordeal was. The End.”

Well, first of all, he got what he invested. Secondly, I doubt a “rub-n-tug” constitutes him referring to the massage lady as an escort. With that being said, if you are looking for a quick fix hiring an escort is not the way to go.  I’ve read quite a few stories and read a lot of forums wherein the most complaints pertaining to escorts gravitate towards the haggling of prices. This baffles me! Why would anyone haggle an escort? Escorts are privileges… and priced for the privileged. With escorts you are investing into the journey not just the destination. If you’re looking for quality, escorts are the way to go. If you’re looking for quantity, you’ll get what you’ve wished for.

The bottom line is if you’re going to invest into something, especially if the reason is because you wanted the “Vegas Experience”, don’t gamble your money away. Go big or go home.


Procuring your Unicorn:

Now that you are full of escort knowledge, full of yourself, and full of other things…. It’s time to procure your unicorn. This is the easiest and hardest part of the entire process. Knowing what you want. If you go on any of the agencies websites, they will have a gallery of girls to choose from. Any where from Blondes, Red heads, Brunettes, Asians, Ebony, and Latina but keep in mind the girls on the website are most likely not the girl you will get. The gallery is simply there as a guide to a type or look the client is seeking.  A common misconception a lot of men experience is the agency promising the exact person advertised but when the escort arrives it not only isn’t what the client requested but to add insult to injury, they’ve sent someone far less attractive. Again, I cannot stress enough: HIRE FROM REPUTABLE AGENCIES! Both  A1 Las Vegas Escorts and Las Vegas Perfect 10s  are known for having the most elegant and gorgeous girls of all the agencies. They do not just hire any girl off the block like the massive escort agencies do. Their screening process is rigorous and selective. They are smaller agencies thus you can expect great customer service and a more personal experience with them.

(If you have any questions, comments, or concerns on anything I failed to mention please feel free to contact me at


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