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Blair Baby was rambling about her uuber busy schedule yet again and I was pretending to listen while secretly drowning her out. Blair Baby abruptly stopped mid-sentence to check if I had been paying her any attention. I thought to myself, Fuck her for knowing me so well, yet, if you know me so well why the fuck would you bother me with nonsense? Blair replied, “Cause its what us normal people do!” That took me off guard and from that moment on I decided to pay her some attention.

She continued. Something about interviews, strip clubs, needing money, mansion swing parties—– wait what? Private swingers parties? My curiosity peaked. I had seen a show on Playboy about swingers or “the lifestyle” and it was certainly something I had been curious about every now and then. I’ve apply for a site that supposedly had a good reputation, however they had too many “open to the public” parties. They all looked way too seedy and I had heard that it basically consisted of a bunch of guys circle jerking around anyone with a vagina. No thanks.

I asked Blair Baby to repeat the part about the mansion parties. She told me she had an interview for an upcoming party this Friday. I asked her to get me an application to attend the party. Most private parties like this one usually requires an application with head shots. The Host/Hostess of the event have tedious expectations and expect nothing but perfection. That means the utmost pristine and beautiful people. That means a hell of a night for me!

When Blair Baby returned from her interview she was jumping up and down ecstatic about getting the job. I managed to ask her about the application in between squeals and jumps. She handed over a black envelope. WTF?! I opened the envelope and pulled out an application and what looked like a portfolio full of past parties and other events hosted by the marketing group.

It was quite impressive. In the stack of papers that made up the application had a checklist. On the checklist they required a head shot with a web-cam interview. A bit demanding aren’t we?! Whatever, shit better be worth it!

After I filled out the application, added my head shot, I dropped it off at the address stated in the portfolio. Odd enough the place didn’t have a sign and when I walked into drop it off there was one office desk with one female employee in the entire place. I handed her my application and awkwardly said thank you and goodbye.

About a day later I received an email:

Friday Night, 10pm until sometime Saturday morning.
“Lingerie Party in Mansion in Seven Hills”
Couples and Single Females Only
Note: Restricted Guest List. You have received this invite because the hosts have determined you are physically appealing enough to be allowed entry. No guests allowed. Anyone not on the guest list will be refused entry, even if you arrive with an invited party. Do not share this information with the general swinger community. If we find out you have done so, you will be banned from future events at this location. If interested, reply to the following email address and we will email you directions the day of the party.
The email was blunt, but peaked my interest. My phone suddenly rang and it was a Host instructing on setting up an account to web cam. I passed the final stage of the interviews and he gave me a code for the front gate guard. After some thought, I began to think about what I should wear.

The nights in Vegas had really cooled off so I didn’t look out-of-place with my long trench coat. Underneath, I had on a black lace teddy and dark hose with a garter and a set of red fuck me pumps. I had packed a bag with some basic toiletries, a set of casual clothes for the morning and if this party sucked, some backup club wear.

I became increasingly optimistic as I approached the house. I was excited to see Blair Baby and nervous at the same time. The route climbed up into the highlands of southern Vegas and the area grew more desolate as the few houses I did pass were of impressive size. I reached a guard gate and stopped to give the proper code before entering an exclusive series of turreted mansions that gloom over the road in gothic silence. I reached the address that was emailed to me to find another mansion, this one brightly lit, with a few dozen cars parked in front, but still with ample parking a midst the widely spaced homes.

I walked up to the door, still wearing my trench coat, I wanted a dramatic entry, so I removed it inside. I rang the doorbell. After a few minutes, an attractive tall black woman, dressed in a frill pair of white lace bra and panties, opened the door smiling. “Name?” she asked. I gave it, and she briefly checked a list and smiled, stepping back and motioning for me to enter. I did so, and the woman stuck out her hand and introduced herself as Ryder. (How appropriate)

After taking my coat, Ryder led me along the tile floor, past two pairs of identical stairways before we turned a corner and I could see the party guests congregate in a gargantuan kitchen/lounge. I was led by row of large couches, sparsely settled by scantily clad guests, none of whom were engaged in anything more risqué than holding hands. We past a large projection television playing porn and towards the wet-bar. I ordered my usual.

With drink in hand, Ryder began to introduce me to other guests, an array of very good-looking, fit people none of whom looked over forty. Everyone I met seemed friendly. They asked where I was from and how long I had been “in the lifestyle”. I stood there making small talk as the doorbell rang again, and Ryder excused herself.

The men were all dressed casually but not provocatively and they were all clearly with a female date. There were more women than men and the women were all dressed in lingerie. The party seemed to have promise.

Ryder motioned for me to come over. Standing next to her was a medium height gentleman with peppered gray and black hair dressed in a pine colored polo shirt and gray slacks. He looked slightly older than the rest of the crowd, maybe approaching fifty, but it was clear he was in, excellent shape. With his cropped haircut and thick arms and chest, he look like the playgirl version of a college football coach. As I walked up to Ryder, he turned and looked at me, piercing me with his pale gray eyes, and flashed me a smile that hardened my nipples on impact.

“This is Mark, the home’s owner and host of tonight’s event.” Ryder said. I smiled coyly, subtly pushed out my chest and offered my hand. Mark bent and kissed it, before looking up and asking if I would be interested in a tour. Fuck, why not, I thought. Someone had to get this party started. I nodded and allowed mark to keep hold of my hand as he led me up the nearer stairway.

We passed a gorgeously decorated home office which Mark briefly showed me from the doorway before leading me by a few closed doors which faint moans could be heard coming from inside.

I followed Mark, admiring his tight ass and trying to keep my kitty from getting too wet. Mark led me into a large dark room and flipped on a dim set of lights. I followed him, impressed by the spacious bedroom. The four-poster bed and dark wooden furniture were Moroccan themed, a large flat television screen occupied the room before a large bay window situated with a breathtaking city view.

“This is the master bedroom…” mark started to say, but I closed the door and walked toward him, making sure to put a sexy saunter in my step. He smiled broadly and held out his arms. I walked between them and leaned my head to kiss him as his arms unfolded me. I pulled his shirt up over his head and he started nuzzling my neck, which sent stream of moisture through my sex. I growled and quickly undid Marks belt, then gripped his tight ass through his slacks. Mark growled in response and smacked my ass with a light thwack. I giggled and pursed my lips and Marks eyes grew heated and desperate. I smacked his ass harder and he grabbed me by my arms and carried me to the bed. With a grunt, he half set and half threw me onto my stomach on the bed.

A thrill burst from my pelvis and my pulse increased. Rough sex is it? Jayde can play. I pulled myself up on all fours and began to wiggle my ass, provocatively daring Mark to try to take me. His hand grasped my side, then slid down to my panties, which he grunted and then tore free.

“Beautiful” he whispered, running his hands along my buttocks. I giggled and writhed my ass as I listen to the stream of praises he whispered while kneading my ass.


Pain erupted from my ass. Not the gentle pain of an aggressive slap on the ass, but a stinging, burning crack that seared up my nerve endings and crushed any sexual thoughts I had like a steaming locomotive. I cried out in shock and scrambled off the bed, my ass on fire.

Mark was standing on the edge of the bed, holding a black leather flogger.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” I screamed, applying pressure to my ass with both hands, leaving me stooping slightly.

He stood there stupidly, unsure what to say.

“I said WHAT THE FUCK!? Asshole!!” The pain had ignited my anger and suddenly the burning in my ass began to subside as the endorphin poured into my blood stream. I grabbed the lamp and hurled it at him. He ducked and it barely missed him.


He took a step back as I stalked up to him. His back hit the closed-door as I reached him and I motioned to swing for his face. It was a feint and as he brought up his hands I gripped the flogger and pulled it from his grip. He tried to get his hands on the doorknob as I whipped the flogger down on him with several sharp shirt strokes.

He cursed and backed away from the door. I turned and glared at him, then turned and opened the door, slamming it behind me as I left.

Coming down the hallway was the petite naked brunette who I had seen earlier. Her eyes went wide as I stormed down the hallway. In retrospect, I must have looked a menacing site. Bottomless, carrying a leather flogger and my face twisted in fury.

“Where is Ryder?” I barked.

The woman just sort of stood there and gulped.

“Ryder?!?!” I yelled, point the flogger at her.

“Uh….uh…I think she’s in there…” she squeaked, pointing to one of the doors along the hallway.

She had barely finished speaking when I grabbed the doorknob. I threw the door open and it slammed against the wall. Inside was a plush bedroom with two queen beds and soft thick violet carpeting. Ryder was naked, on her knees, taking one guy’s cock with her mouth and another in her hand. The door bursting open startled them all.

“MY FUCKING COAT!” I growled, again pointing the flogger at her.

Her eyes widened and pointed to a spot along the wall about ten feet to my left with her free hand. Funny thing, now that I think about it she still had a cock in her mouth.I whirled away, not bothering to close the door and searched for the storage closet. My coat was easily found. I threw down the flogger, put on my coat, tied it, stormed out the front door, and slammed it behind me.

I stormed to my car and tore out down the road, past the guard gate and back towards The Strip. I had driven almost three miles before my rage began to cool and I began to shake. I pulled the car over along the dark desolate roadside and proceeded to cry as my anger receded and the still elevated endorphin in my bloodstream began to slowly decrease.

I got a few missed calls and text from Blair Baby. When I was calm enough to read them, she informed me she wasn’t working that party tonight and to have fun. Fucking GREAT! Couldn’t tell me this before you left the damn house? ARGH!!!

I scrolled down my text and saw X had text as well. My heart squeezed a little,the thought of seeing X was vastly appealing. I read his text inviting me to some late night Sushi if I was so inclined. I knew the late night eatery and pulled the gar into gear. I text X that I would meet in there in twenty minutes. I got a smiley face back almost right away. And with that, my bad mood had completely evaporated.
I suppose I got what I was asking for. What possessed me to even consider a private swing party—-or any fucking swing party in general. I dunno… but NEVER FUCKING AGAIN!

XxX — Jayde

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