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Guy’s Guide to Procuring a Proper One-Night Stand

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Article Written By: Dr X  

The appeal of this, for both sexes, is that such an interaction is purely physical. What distinguishes the one night stand from other forms of casual sex is that there is an expectation NOT to see the other participant(s) again.  There are healthy reasons why a person may opt to pursue such an encounter, and a host of unhealthy ones as well.  It is a good idea to analyze one’s own motivation for pursuing a one night stand, and deciding whether it is something you wish to pursue to the exclusion of all other possible romantic encounters, or if it is just something you would be willing to take part in if the opportunity arises.  If you decide the former, your location, target preference, and strategy are going to completely different, eliminating other sexual and possibly romantic options.

Albeit, this article has been written for the blog of a female who pursues one night stands, the fact of the matter is that one night stands are more likely to be pursued and accepted by men than by women.  Men actually lower their expectations of a target women if they know only a one night stand is involved, while women generally raise theirs.  While a woman seeking a one night stand has to do a little more work than simply announcing she has a vagina and is willing to use it, it is going to be far easier for her to score a one night stand than it is for a man.  Like it or not, there is ample demand for sex in the world and women control the supply.

“The power of the pulsating pussy” –Jayde Onyx Lei

When in pursuit of a one night stand, the first thing to keep in mind is that the whole point of the encounter is that it is purely physical. That means you are going to be judged on physical appearances more than by someone seeking any other kind of sexual encounter. Unless you want to pay for a partner, you’ll need to cover the basic fundamentals:

Fitness: you will need to be somewhat fit, and that would require getting to the gym or local park with a workout regime. Start slow, plan a routine, schedule and follow the regime. Remember to mix it up! Your body will adapt to your workout and results begin to decrease.

Keep Trendy: let’s face it, the birth of the “mantro-sexual” is real. Women are cognizant and frankly drawn to men in fashion.  A smart choice may be to purchase some trendy suits. You could never go wrong with two or three slim fit, savvy suits.

Grooming: you’re probably thinking “real men are hairy” and its natural. Even so, it doesn’t mean you should hand over rights to your masculinity. Get grooming man!  Beards, goatees, and mustaches, if present, need to be well groomed, and a fashionable hairstyle/cut is a must.  Trim nose hairs, remove hair in the ears, and if you are a full beast of a man, shave it all or have it waxed. Women are not turned on by men with a back full of hair. Yes, that also includes trimming around your junk!

Hygiene: this should be evident and already practiced. Brush, floss, deodorize,  No need to further explain.

Being physically appealing is going to get you noticed by the most number of potential targets the quickest, and by limiting yourself to a one night stand, you limited the time you have to attract members of the opposite sex.

Before going out, make sure you have prepared for the night as best you can.  Three things you should carry upon you at all times is a lighter, condoms, and gum and/or mints.  Make sure your phone is charged so you aren’t wasting valuable time looking for somewhere to charge it later, and if you need to brush up on some conversational topics, review some pop culture websites such as E! or TMZ.  Women love gossip, so immersing yourself into their interest will give you something to discuss if the conversation begins to stall.

The one thing that you must always keep in mind is that the more targets you engage, the higher your odds are of getting a one night stand.  Pretty much all the strategy that you will employ throughout the night will be in deference to this fact.  You only have a limited number of hours to work with, so you have to be as efficient as possible.  You have to choose a target rich environment, such as a nightclub, or large house party, and then work the potential candidates quickly but not in a rush.

It will help to choose girls who are more likely to be willing to engage in a one night stand.  Obviously, this leaves out girls who are with a guy (while can be done, it’s a low percentage play), avoid the hottest chicks, and instead concentrate on the “almost as attractive” friends.  Look for girls that are coming across with that “down for whatever” vibe and are trying to get noticed, the ones that are obviously out to have fun, dancing dirty, laughing loudly, and drinking. Cue phrases to listen out for are, “OMG Shots!” and “This is my– I love this song!”

This isn’t low-level game, and your approach has to be spot on.  You need to come across as interesting, fun, and sexy, but not sex seeking.  You can tell a joke but remember nothing absurdly raunchy. You don’t want to come across as a pervert.

You will want to seek a target immediately upon entering the venue, possibly a lower value target, who will be more likely to engage you right off.  From there you can scout out other targets and work the room.  You need to engage a girl and her friends long enough that they have decided you are “a cool guy”, at the same time while covertly gathering basic information that is vital to your odds of going home with her.  The most important information is “Who did she come with?”, “What are her plans later in the evening?”, and “What is she doing tomorrow?”.  This can be determined quickly, but needs to be done somewhat discreetly.  You can then rule out low odds targets to not waste further time with and move on.

After you have engaged and identified a number of potential targets, and more importantly, ruled out those whom are unlikely to engage in a one night stand, you will want to make a “second pass”.  At this stage, you should have established some basic rapport with any potential partners (and their friends), but you have been witnessed being social and talking to multiple people, making you even more attractive.

You now need to go for broke.  When you return to the target girl a second time, you need to focus on building her attraction for you with whatever routines or charming stories work for you, and then try to isolate her from her group when you feel the attraction is high enough. e.g. “lets refill your drink” or “crap I forgot my cell phone at the bar, can you help me look for it?”

 You have to keep the interaction moving forward.  Escalate physical contact, but not too quickly to seem creepy, and begin to make sexual innuendos.  Try and portray her as a sexual person, but at the same time, don’t come off as being sexually obsessed or sexually needy.

You should by this time be getting a sense if the girl you are working is game.  As I have said multiple times, it’s imperative that you not waste too much time on someone who is not likely to go home with you, so move on to another potential candidate if it is not going well.  Your odds of getting a particular girl to go home with you overall are low, and you need to be willing to move on and not put too much value on any single interaction.  If the interaction is stalled, the girl isn’t following your leads, or she backs off when things start to go sexual, don’t be afraid to bail out if you can’t get things back on track quickly.

If you have chosen targets well, and your game is tight enough, you should routinely be getting to the point where a potential target has been isolated from her friends, and has engaged in some sexual banter with you.  Continue to push conversation and stories that increase her attraction towards you, and steadily escalating the interaction physically and sexually.  If you have done your job, you should know whom she came with, what her plans are later in the evening, and what her plan tomorrow are.  This will allow you to plan suggestions for an exit strategy for you and your potential one-night stand.

At this point, you have to be flexible.  If her attraction is evident and shes so hot and bothered that, you may opt to get her outside somewhere close by before she cools off. If she has two roommates at home and your place isn’t too far away, keep the heat on and offer to show her your vinyl collection to smoke hookah with you.  Hotel rooms are much easier to stay disconnected and you wouldn’t have to make-up an excuse for her to leave, but you don’t want to be bringing a date back to the Roach Coach Inn. Be cognizant that triggering any concern for her safety will leave you immediately empty-handed.  Don’t forget your own safety, either.  There are predators who will attempt to isolate you, where they may drug, beat, or taser you and clean you out.

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