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How Premature Ejaculation Saved My Life



Given the incident with Song/Si the Stalker bitch and the breach in security, I admit I was a tad bit pissed off and I did go into a fit of rage; but it was only a tinny-tiny, itty-bitty fit. But given how the property raves on it’s ‘safeness’ in security and honestly that is what originally sold me on leasing there, I believe I had every right to be pissed. I worked on my blog and fumed until, finally, after several hours the real estate leasing agent decided to return my call. I answered the phone with a snark “Hello, it is great to finally hear from you. I didn’t want to bother you with the breach in security or concerns for my safeness. You know, since it was only my life was at stake. Nothing major, only my life, but whatever, again not a big deal.” I had already calmed down, therefore proud of myself that I was not raging but just still mightily annoyed, so, in retrospect, it was probably a good thing that the douche agent didn’t return my call right away.
“The M is probably NOT a suitable property for you Mrs. Lei, therefore we are offering to return your deposit, November’s rent prorated and refunded. We are also including a recognized letter of recommendation expressing your rental history as a excellent tenant.” Before hanging up I thanked the leasing agent and said, “I couldn’t agree more! You’re correct! Why would any sane human want to associate themselves with such pretentious pompous pricks whom walk around with their noses in the air so they wouldn’t have to smell their own bullshit, instead of taking into consideration that maybe, JUST maybe you did fuck up and do something about it?!?!?”

Trying to not let it get to me, I spent the next few days happily moving things back to my old house. Since X had moved to LA the house has been quiet on weekends, well unless he came back for leisure or business. I had been staying at the house on weekdays, but X didn’t know that…. The familiarity of comforting smells, surroundings, and safety from seeing X’s clothes and items scattered around the house was bittersweet. X and I had barely talked since I visited him in LA. He thought I was over-reacting when I left, and he was pissed that I had done so. Our only interaction had been a brief irritated Facebook exchange that only pushed him further away and some mandatory business events we both had to attend.

I had procrastinated informing X I had been kicked out of my condo and that until I could find another place I would be staying in our house. I decided I had better do so sooner than later. I mean, what happens if he decides to come home in the middle of the week thinking he would be coming home to a nice quiet house, but instead walked into the middle of a 6 women orgy?! LOL God, who WOULDN’T love that?

I called him and was not surprised when I got his anger. X began raising his voice which then made me angry, and before we got into the standard exchange of blame and insults, I screamed, “Well I was just trying to give you a heads up before you come home and find yourself in the middle of a 6 women orgy!” and before he had the chance to reply, I hung up on him. I am so fucking tired of the same back and forth that never gets solved. Again, I have said it before:

“Round and around and around and around we go”
Pissed off and needing to get out of a house full of X. Blair was out on some date, so I drew a bath, made a strong cocktail and began to look through my phone for some company.

Nathaniel didn’t answer, probably busy in some ‘happy-gay-lucky’ orgy or some shit. I scrolled down my list of text messages and stopped at Richard, the secondary sub I hired to be apart of my fantasy along with the psycho Song. I needed to let out some aggression and remembered that it has been quite a while since the last time I screwed a dick. Shit, it has it actually been that long ago?! Trying to pin point back to the last time I had any sort of penetration it hit me that X was the last time, and that was back in LA. Fucking ass balls! I needed to get laid and wanted to get X out of my mind. It was dire to my sanity to stop obsessing over how amazing of a lay he is and find someone that can fuck him out of my mind.

I dialed Richard. He sounded surprised to hear from me. He asked what was going on with Song because he received some garbled text from her and since couldn’t reach her. I guess he wasn’t a reader of my blog, because I had to explain to him what had happened and told him I had gotten a restraining order, so if he planned on hanging out with her to please keep me out of it. I do NOT want to be anywhere within a 30 mile radius of that crazy cunt!

After I gave him a brief update I proceeded to ask him of his evening plans. He seemed a bit surprised by my question, “Er…I was planning on seeing a band later” he responded. “Not a problem. I’ll be done with you before then.” I said, firmly. “Uhhh…O…. ummm…okay.” I could hear the confusion then the excitement in his voice. “Liked what you saw huh?” He asked, now relaxing. I chucked and replied, “SMH. I wouldn’t know as it is apparent your cock wasn’t the center of my focus, gagging Song with your cock was. I couldn’t even remember if it was actually the measurements I required. So IF you were telling the truth, coming up with 9 inches within the next hour wouldn’t be a problem.” Taken off guard from how blunt I am, he hesitated but answered, “Umm…No… I don’t think… NO it shouldn’t!”

To his credit, Richard didn’t respond with the typical indignation men usually make when asked about their cock size. “Oh baby my dick is so big you’ll be begging for me to stop.” and so forth…. I do so appreciate older men! I had to laugh at his response. “Well now, you seem quite sure of it, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Anyways, do you want to give me your address or am I going to sit here with my thumb in my ass?”

I was still tipsy when I arrived at Richards house. Fortunately, it was not a very far drive, therefore I found the house easy enough and parked out front. Richard answered the door dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt. He even hugged me but he then sensed my awkwardness when I did not hug back, and quickly let go of his embrace. He coughed and stepped back from the door, inviting me in. I hate strangers hugging me or rubbing my shoulders. Shit! Let alone touching me at all. It’s an Aspie thing.

“Drink?” my host asked.

“God yes!” I answered. He led me back though a few very tidy rooms to an elongated living room, tastefully decorated with Missionary style furniture. The recent Les Miserables movie was playing on the flat-screen, and as Richard concocted drinks at a small wet-bar near the fireplace, I watched a brief scene of Hugh Jackman serenading his viewers and sighed. Did he HAVE to be playing this shit before I planned on humiliating him? Don’t get me wrong, I love the musical, beautiful! But X and Hugh Jackmen are so similar in physical characteristics and breath taking singing voice and the last thing I needed ingrained into my cognition moments before I am trying to hate fuck some other dude, is X’s handsomeness and amazing voice clouding my mind.

I plopped down on the couch as soon as Richard handed me my drink. He gingerly sat down a few feet away, watching me for a moment as I took a huge sip of my drink and kicked off my shoes. “You here alone?” I asked, looking around. I was sure based on the decor and functional minimalism of the home that no woman lived here.

“Yep. Since the divorce…”

“Yea,” I interrupted, pulling off my top, “I don’t really give a shit.”

His eyes widened as I took another large sip of my drink and then cat crawled on the couch over to him. I needed to get X off my mind and in doing so I wanted to get the shit started already. He set his drink down and leaned back as I unbuttoned his shirt. He began kissing my neck, which I hate by the way, so I pushed his head down to my breasts. The man knew what he was doing, and took the redirection in stride. He expertly guided his mouth around the area, not going directly for the nipples. I gripped his hair as his mouth and tongue outlined by breasts.

He engulfed my left nipple forcefully, but not so much as to be painful. I moaned, and felt my sex moisten. Arousal bloomed inside me, and I reached down and undid his belt. Richard shifted to my right nipples and started to pull down my jeans. I pushed him back gently and motioned for him to stand. I removed the remainder of my clothes and he did the same. He pulled his pants off and and boxers off at the same time. As his boxers release his erection, his cock did this bouncy dance and sprang up. The site of the dancing dick made me giggle. It was an impressive specimen, but seemed marred by a rather large right sided curve through its body and splotches of dark colored skin. But it was clean shaven and well groomed, and he seemed confident enough in its skills that I figured it would do the job.

I took his cock into my mouth. He moaned in a voiceless hiss. I worked his sex with slow steady strokes. As his organ hardened even more, I removed my mouth, pumped it with my right hand, and ran my tongue down the shaft until I reached his right testicle. Usually guys don’t like ball play, but I felt no sense of tension so I gently took the ovoid organ into my mouth, sucking softly whilst tugging them downwards, increasing the stroking of his shaft.
He moaned audibly this time. I reached down with my other hand and began to rub my clitoris, already well wet. I moved to the other testicle, then finally returned to his erection, rapidly bobbing my head while continuing to pump with my right hand.

He pulled out of my mouth with the look guys get when they are overwhelmed with lust. No longer the gentle Richard, he picked me up and tossed me onto my back, then climbed on top of me in the missionary position. I stopped stimulating myself, and gripped his cock, guiding his organ as it penetrated my wet pussy.

As he entered, I reveled in the sensation. My moist lips slid over his glans and I once again was reminded of how the fullness of a good sized penis is one of life’s true pleasures. We both groaned in lust and pleasure. I wanted him further in! “DEEPER!” I bellowed. Suddenly instead of pleasure, I was, however, met by a sharp jolt of pain.

A sharp sensation overwhelmed the inside wall my vagina, maybe midway to the cervix. What the fuck!? He wasn’t even all the way in. As he continued to push, I felt as if my vagina was tightening, much more tighter than I have been in….well, best not say. But years with X had me pretty stretched out. So why was I in pain? Perhaps, it was that damn curve!?
He finally entered me completely and began to pump, and my pain increased intensely. It began to drown out the pleasure, and burning agony rolled into my pelvis. I gritted my teeth and was about to push Richard off… when he came. Already?! He grunted in a series of soft spasms, then fell against my chest, and I closed my eyes as I fought off the continued pain.

After a minute or so, He pulled himself off, seemingly embarrassed. He got up and bent over to reach for his clothes. I sat up, still trying to suppress the pain which was only just starting to recede. I reached for my clothes and rapidly put them on, trying not to make any sudden movements.
“I…er,” he stammered. He was turning red.
“Don’t worry about it” I said, standing up, grabbing my drink and gulping it while he finished dressing. He then led me to the front door, refusing to look at me.
He opened the door to let me out. It took all my effort to not show the pain as I walked.
“I’m….I’m sorry,” he said quietly as he held open the door.
I shrugged nonchalantly. “Next time try Celexa about an hour before sex. It should help.” I reached my car and jumped inside. I continued to grit my teeth against the agony until I went around the corner and was able to pull the car off to the side of the road.

“Fuck!!” I swore as I laid back the seat. I tried to assess where the pain was coming as I gently felt inside of my vagina with a single finger, easily entering the moistened chamber. I went in deeper and found that mid-vagina was tender, and it burned even as I touched it. I removed my finger and sat in my car until the pain subsided. Finally, when the pain was almost gone, I started my ignition and before I pulled out of Richards neighborhood I deleted his number with a disgusted snort. 1) I don’t fuck with minute men, well I at least TRY not to. 2) 9 inches? PWFFF! I knew I should have measured that shit but I was so excited for the play I had forgotten. 3) So much for trying to forget about X.

When I reached the house, I was starting to feel like my usual self. I grabbed some food and drink for the night, and went down to my old bedroom and threw myself into the blog. I went for hours. I didn’t realize how late, or rather early it was, until my cell phone rang. I looked at the clock. It was nearly 8:30AM! Who the fuck is calling me at this hour?! Everyone knows not to call before noon unless it is a dire emergency, so it must have been important. I answered my phone. It was Elise, X’s office manager. Once again, there was drama at his office. This time, X’s ‘trusty’ biller just managed to embezzle a shit ton of money from both personal and business accounts. I don’t why that man never heeds to my advice when I tell him I do not particularly trust someone. It has happened in the past and he always says he will listen but he never does! I sighed and finished up the section of the blog I was working on. Sleepless and Sexless, I get dressed and head to the office.

When I get there, it looked like a mini-wall street brokers office. It was utter chaos! Everyone was coming at me from ten different directions, asking me to “Do this!”and “This is this!” “That is that!” Argh…..

After several hours of piecing together wtf happened, I decided I needed alone time so I excused myself and went into X’s office and closed the door. I unlocked the filing cabinet to grab my purse when I noticing a small closed inlay box in the back of the drawer. I remember you, I said smiling. I pulled the box out and slid it open, revealing one of X’s secret stash of toys. This one was one of my favorites. A smallish cylindrical rod with a soft curve. Just holding the toy made kitty purr.

Last nights fuck, was a fucking let down and with all the stress I was having to deal with, I’d be damned if I didn’t deserve an orgasm. It didn’t help that X’s office had a lush couch, dimming lights, and black out curtains either. Yea baby! It’s masturbatory me time!

I duck my head out of the office and into Elisa, “I need to make a call, please do not let anyone disturb me.” and then closed and locked the door. I waited a moment and listened, but she didn’t call back with any objections.
A minute later, I turned on some soft music and was laying supine on X’s couch; skirt and panties on the floor, and a powerful little vibrator nearly all the way buried in my cunt. The pleasure began to build as the vibrations bore into my sex with gentle insistence. Last nights pain was still in the back of my mind, so I pushed further, wanting to see if I could reproduce the sensation of pain. The vibrator continued to hum angrily as it slid upwards. No pain as I passed the mid vagina. There seemed to be more resistance though. I pushed even deeper, trying to reach the deep pleasure spots that lurked in the back. As sat up and shifted, I felt the vibrator slide up was towards the back of my vagina. An instant later, the pain returned.
Oh Shit…..

I reached down and tried to snag the end of the device. I couldn’t reach it. My insides seemed boggy, especially towards the mid vaginal region. The area was almost too sore to touch. At the same time, the audible buzzing inside me could be heard around the fortunately empty room.

After nearly ten minutes of trying to get damned thing out, the pain began to win out, feeling began to win out. I gingerly hot dressed and found I still could walk. I opened the door. Elisa was right outside, looking like she was about to knock on the door.
“Sorry,” I said, holding up my phone. Was trying to reach some people in LA to check on X’s place. no luck.
Elisa nodded then stopped and turned her head. “Do you hear a buzz…”
I held up my phone and then began to push buttons on it dramatically. “I spilled some water on my phone a minute ago. It hasn’t stopped buzzing since.”
“Oh no. I hate it when I do that….” Eilsa smiled.
“Yea,” I interrupted. “I don’t mean to be rude. But I have to get this phone fixed before anyone tries to get back to me” I was already backing away. Then I turned and headed quickly towards the back door.
I cursed as I noted an elderly couple shuffling slowly towards the office directly between me and the carport.

I began humming loudly as I strode past them, hoping it would drown out the buzzing. They both gave me an odd look as I walked by, but it may have been just my horrible humming tune. I saw no one else as I strode to my car and got it. As I said, the buzzing began to intensify against the soft seating, I recall thinking it sounded like an electric toothbrush was wedged under the seat.

I cursed again, and dialed my Ob/Gyn’s office number. I pulled out of the parking lot and immediately made my way to his office, which happens to be on the other side of town.
“Doctor’s Of….”
I interrupted. “I’m sorry, I’m having a medical emergency. And if you tell me to call 911 then I’m going to take you all with me in the ambulance. This is Jayde Onyx Lei. Dr. X’s spouse and a work colleague and good friend of Dr. Ob/Gyn. I’m heading there right now. I’m sure you have my file.”

I hung up before they could object, I’m sure leaving the poor office girl dumbfounded.
I pulled into the parking lot, as close as I could to the office entrance. Of course, even more slow elderly people were snailing through the entrance. I waited in the car until they either moved far enough away or dropped off from old age. It was a close one, but eventually I figured they had traveled out of elderly hard of hearing distance so I left from the car and ran to the entrance. I started singing loudly to myself as I entered. An angry looking young Hispanic woman behind the desk glared at me as I walked in. “Jayde?” she said, keeping her tone neutral. I nodded, still singing and turned to see a roomful of people all seated behind me. “Of course”

I hummed louder as I made my way to the front desk. The front office girl handed me a clipboard, and indicated where i could sit. I refused. “I can’t wait! Or if i have to wait, can you at least put me in an exam room.” With my face turned from the other patients, I made a begging sign with my hands. I slowly and subtly made even more signs with my fingers, indicating something was inside my body, near the middle. I stepped a bit closer so she could hear the buzzing. She heard it all right. For a moment the girl didn’t seem to get what the buzzing was, but then figured it out a second later. She suddenly fought back a smile and I saw her body language change from bother to amusement. She quickly buzzed the doors open and then led me to past the nurses station. I continued humming until I was brought into an exam room and left alone.

Well, after that, the doctor eventually came in. After the usual brief exchange of pleasantries, he had me set back on the exam bed and performed an abdominal and gynecological exam. Somehow without any tools he managed to remove the viborator and even turned it off. “You are right,” it is swollen. “When did the pain start?”

“Ummm last night?” I replied
“Are you sure? Because with the pattern in swelling suggests there may be an underlining issue that has been going on for quite sometime now.” The doctor stated with a mild look of concern. Then he continued, “I will have to send you off to get some labs, X-rays, you know the works.”
I slumped my face into my hands and thought to myself, “Oh great! Yay for me!!”

Later that day, after undergoing labs, x-rays, and a CT of the lower abdomen, I headed back to the office, calling first and and apologizing to Elisa. The office was closing but I offered to stay to catch up. I replaced X’s sex toy, freshly cleaned, and then set to work until I grew hungry enough to call it a night. I had locked up and was getting into the car when my Ob/Gyn called and told me with the scan results. Large ovarian cysts on both sides. Fucking great! Another surgery?! As if my life wasn’t already complicated enough! I thanked the Ob/Gyn and told him I’ll call X to coordinate accordingly. After I hung up I sat in my car staring at my phone for a good long while. Finally I gathered enough balls and dialed X……

Writing this pre-op and then post-op has been a bitch, thus Jayde’s jizziful adventures will have to come to a halt for awhile until I am healed…. But it doesn’t mean it has to stop here!! I figured I’d post some of my juicy smut prior to Vegas. It’ll be relative to One Nighters of course and I suppose it’ll allow you guys to understand me better!



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  1. ballsakhung

    A wonderful read, brutally frank.

    First: I hope you’re getting rest and getting better. The cyst sounds really painful.

    Second: I love your put-down’s and nasty side. “I deleted his number with a disgusted snort. 1) I don’t fuck with minute men.” Nice, my dear lioness.

    Third: Your horny side needs to be celebrated. The way you detail your sexual action is vivid. Excellent, if you’ve a man’s mind, who thinks sex in pictures. I don’t know how you write like that.

    “I took his cock into my mouth. He moaned in a voiceless hiss. I … ran my tongue down the shaft until I reached his right testicle…. I gently took the ovoid organ into my mouth, sucking softly whilst tugging them downwards, increasing the stroking of his shaft. He moaned audibly this time… I moved to the other testicle, then finally returned to his erection, rapidly bobbing my head.”

    It was so beautifully, so vividly written, that I deliberately pictured myself in his shoes, trying to experience what he might have experienced, by imagining (sorry – but I’m sure you know men do that). Your detailed description served as an excellent prop to help fuel my imagination and lust for you. I hope you don’t mind. Wow! You were clearly masterful because he came so soon. This is what happens when your wild side rules you. Men ought to bow down and lick the very soles of your feet!

    Keep writing Jayde, when you can.
    (PS: I do not mean to offend (in case I did). I am merely being tactlessly honest!)

    • Jayde Onyx Lei

      Oh goodness you never do, will be out from writing for a while. As of this very moment I am feverish, freshly out of a second surgery. (Since the last went terribly wrong) Laying here in complete agony not trying to clock the next incompetent nurse trying to tell me what I am feeling. If I written at this point it will be slurred and of food galore…. And only the Americans who feast by products and ecoli would appreciate it. Shit that even sounds mouth watering at the moment…… Anything sounds mouth watering.

      Argh either kill me soon or let live, fuck, eat or eat!

      • ballsakhung

        stop writing 😐 and get better 🙂

        • Jayde Onyx Lei

          Shit I have. I close. I start writing and next thing to slurs- example. She runs from the bedroom away from teddy. He will not haver chained and tires waiting in shirt planing the aliens came and took him and hello mom!….. Shit!

          Just woke up ten mins ago and saw what I wrote……..

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