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My daily norm would include, but not entirely limited to: waking up, masturbation, eating, masturbate, sex blog maintenance, masturbating in result of blogging sex, social media, Blair scheduled interaction, in shower masturbation, and had I scheduled evening plans I would get dolled up and proceed accordingly. Had I not, most likely I would return to blogging, porn surf while rubbing one out to finalize the day and sleep.

Call me:

The Masturbatory Mistress.

A Pedagoguery of Pornology.

Devirginizer of Debaucherous Damsels.

Given the spirit of Halloween I’ve adopted a fetish of some sort. After having met Song. We danced, we chatted, we were drunkenly marry! At the end of the night she offered Blair and I a ride home and before asking Blair, I accepted. It was apparent her attraction towards me was of sexual nature and mines towards her predoctoral. When we arrived at my place, I invited her in. She thanked me but declined as she had to cram for an upcoming exam. We exchanged numbers and I pecked her quickly on her lips and bolted.

The following days after we text each other excessively. Once comfortable I explained to her my current fetish and how I am searching for prospective subs to apply. It took her a while to reply so I started conjuring an excuse. After about 3 or 4 hours she responded in text, “Can I be your sub?”

Stunned and flabbergasted I immediately typed up a rough screenplay and hunted a secondary submissive. Once the Second Sub had been acquired, a time, date, location had been established. I printed out the screenplay and pass them along. Anxiety ridden and in a continuous state of horniness.


The When & Where:

Time: 4:00 PM


Location: The Venetian

The Motive:

To satiate my unrelenting urge to dominate the innocent; those purist in form. Cause Corruption to virginal, divine Damsels by lewd, indecent acts by forced deep-throating of fellatio to gain sexual gratification.

Of fetishism, desire of domination.

Not pertaining to dominatrix or the “Fifty Shades” of S&M type domineering. Needs a specific “type” submissive + secondary sub.

The Acting Talents:

Prospective Sub: Suong “Song” Ly as herself

Sub: Female.

Attributes: petite, age 22, long hair, naturally beautiful, youthful in appearance and absolutely no pubic hair. Light complexion, minimal makeup worn, nice round ass, natural tits, and brunette.

Personality and traits: sweet, naive, all willing to please, bi curious, adventurous, and humorous.

Notes: Practice the dialect of your native language. Broken English concurrent with the dialect of natives located in the Southeastern region of Asia, needs perfected.

Prospective Secondary Sub: Richard Burnettas Dr. Richard Burnett PhD

Secondary Sub: Male.

Attributes: Caucasian, tall, intelligent, nerd-like features, pale to fair in complexion with an all around massive cock; thick girth, length measuring 9 ¾ inches.

Personality and traits: Sweet disposition, suave kind of awkward, confident, dry raunchy humor, fuck-able, charismatic, and extremely high IQ, thus intelligent.

Notes:Unacceptable behaviors that automatically disqualifies participant and result in self-induced genital pains by proxy. Other words, I will superkick your dick and power punch your balls in causation to your lack of obedience.

Douchebags, chatty Mc Chats, aggressive in nature, pompous and/or overly boastful. Those suffering from extreme muscle dysmorphia. In addition, you will not be in any means conversing and/or contributing dialogue. However if a situation shall present itself any use of the English language other than in natural form (e.g. Ebonics, slang) during acts.


Screen Play- Act I:

One of the courses offered at UNLV is Theoretical Mechanics. Being a Theoretical Phallus•sicist and Philanthropist to victims suffering from Phalluspillia Mortis, I volunteered to assist Dr. Richard Burnett PhD in one of his lectures on Particles and Continua. As I prepared to pack away course related materials, Dr. Seagull was stating his closing conclusion to the lecture. A student returned from his bathroom break and as he opened the classroom door a strong gust of wind followed, forcing the door to slam against the wall, pulling papers from my grip and scattering them across the lecture room. Frantically, I bent down to retrieve the publications, dissertations and reports relating to Theoretical Mechanics. Still on my knees gathering the remaining materials, a sudden stack appeared before my eyes. It was a Student waving what she had salvaged. I reached up to grab them and before my eyes laid a youthful in appearance, breathtaking beautiful Asian girl with such astonishing innocence you’d almost have to corrupt in order reestablish sanity.

Act II:

After the class emptied, I was packing my briefcase when the rapturous Asian student approached me, “Dr. Lei, I Song, You teach me? I learn alone with you?” I turned to face her and again, her beauty hypnotized me, dragging me into a state of trance. Before I could answer Song awkwardly added, “I have no pay, I can only sex.”

Richard was situated behind his desk, grading student’s midterm thesis, when he suddenly stopped and shot us a look of amusement and shock. Baffled, I quickly adjusted my skirt, then posture and replied devilishly, “Well in that case, go lock the door and help me restrain Dr. Burnett” With that simple command my impending tainted twat in training scurried toward each exit and locked the doors….”Quite obedient aren’t we?” I made note of. I turned to face Dr. Seagull with a mischievous grin and headed towards him.

Song completed her task quickly and returned. Her desperation seeped through her willingness to please me, and caused my sex secretions to ooze onto my pantie. With the help of my acquiescent subservient, we managed to gather enough material to create a makeshift bondage and tied Richard to his chair. He whimpered and pleaded with us to let him go, playing the part so very well. I untied my silk scarf from around my neck and gagged him.

“Perfect, now Song, get on your knees and take his pants off.” I demanded.

Song dropped to her knees, and then crawled over to Dr. Seagull. Once she had been positioned between his legs she slowly unbuckled his belt.

“Faster!” I beckoned

And her speed and assertiveness increased. Not before long Song had his pants and boxers around his ankles exposing his pulsating, monstrous cock waving side to side in mid air. The staggering sight of the endangered humanoid species “eunectes murinus”, was enough to convert a nun to aischrolatreia, and force her on her knees, begging, with her mouth wide open.

Final Act:

Song looked at me with concern, I knew what she was thinking, “How will I ever manage to devour something so massive?”

Not needing word to understand the look upon her face, I assured her, “Well, that’s why there are two of us… to tag team him baby. Now open your fucking mouth and take his cock entirely!” Song followed instructions as told. She slowly licked her lips, moving the tip of her moist tongue sensually around her entire mouth as she closed her eyes slowly, absorbed. I got the sense she had enjoyed the sensation of something wet and soft on her lips, perhaps my pussy? With her eyes still closed and her small, soft hands gripping the shaft of his throbbing cock, she stretched her jaw apart and opened her mouth as wide as she could.

Richard had been squirming in his chair. He moaned and screamed muffled words incomprehensible through the gag. He thrust and wiggled, moaned and weep, filling his role as the victim of a cruel, ruthless rape. I smiled as I spotted a secretion of precum seep from the head of his penis. I wondered who had really received the utmost gratification derived from my sick, twisted sexual fantasy; Richard, Song, or I.

My focus shift back to Song, she was now drooling. Saliva cascaded over her bottom lips and free fell. She descend toward his cock and I waited for the perfect moment to dominate. When the head of his wet penis touched the rim of her mouth, I took that as a cue to make my move. I swiftly grabbed her long, silky hair and shoved him deep into her throat. A high pitched squeal of surprise whistled past her tautly stretched lips only to be abruptly terminated by a fleshy slurp propelling into her airway. She instinctively tried to pull away, but I gripped harder and pushed, a gurgling slurp and gag rumbling indistinctly inside her throat. The throbbing organ stretched her mouth so widely she her lips disappeared inside her distended cheeks, and tears and snot began to stream down her face.

I released my firm grip a little, I did not want to harm her, just degrade and corrupt. To my dismay she didn’t pull back, she forced herself to feed on him, to choke on him, to swallow him.

Richard was melted into his chair while Song was deep-throating him by force. He was moaning and he tightly gripped the arms of his chair as his body stiffened. Tears continued to stream down Song’s face, relentless she refused to let go. She looked up at me standing over her as reassurance to herself she was blowing, sucking, choking to my satisfaction. As I watched her convey her obligation as a submissive to her master and hear Richard moaning in utter satisfaction and on the verge of cumming, a ticking time bomb filled with years of repressed anger and rage; repressed for the sake of not disappointing, hurting, harming all others, exploded. With my hand on Song’s head I forced her in deeper and used my free hand to rub, slap, finger my douse pussy until I let out a loud primal groan and my body convulsed with great intensely. The orgasm left me weakened and I fell to my knees, sighed and proceeded to lay on the floor curled up, embraced in bliss.

The Fucking End



The desire to corrupt has always presented itself, but had been the least of my worries. I had never felt powerless to my “defiling of innocent damsels” urge as I have this particular kink. Usually if a devious desire pertaining to sex emerges, I would satiate the urge and it would go away. Despite satisfying the current kink, the urge has persisted and rendered me so powerless.


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