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October’s Relationship Q & A’s

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Adam K. (Some unpronounceable hick town in Missouri) – Jayde, I have been reading your blog and as I did find the article on open relationships useful, I noticed you mentioned your attraction to the swingers lifestyle. I have been married for 10 years and want to join the lifestyle too. How can I convince my wife to take an interest in it without making her upset? I want your take of it since you are too a lady.

Adam, thanks for reading my shit! Okay, this question is tough as I know nothing about you nor your wife. Just that you’re from Hicksville MO, so I am going to assume not fucking much goes on there, correct? Well what I would do is if you and your wife watch porn while smashing put on some group sex or orgy scenes and see how responsive she is. If she’s turned on by it then there you go! If she’s obviously disturb then you gotta decide whether you want to bang the vanilla bitch missionary style for the rest of your life or seek sexual adventure, orgies galore, and satisfy your already crappy middle of nowhere America life. Let me know how it goes! – Jayde Ox

David A. (Seattle, WA) – You are awesome! Your blog is entertaining as well as informative. My question is on your type women. Are all Asperger’s syndrome women as sexual and “male” like as you are? I am thinking about finding myself an Asperger woman as well if that is the case!

David, thanks man! I try to keep my shit real and the humor is a bonus. Okay, to answer your question, I would have to say, first of all as an Aspie when you say “male like” I am going to take that literally. However, since I am aware of Neurotypicals and their need of figurative speech, all I will advise is if you dare to pursue an Aspie female, I beg of you to rethink using figurative speech. Secondly, no. Aspies aren’t usually sexual. To my knowledge, most of them do not even procreate and are Asexual. Bottom line dude, don’t go searching for someone because you’d hope they would resemble a tad bit of me. You’d only disappoint yourself and hurt the poor girl, cause frankly no one will ever live up to me. I am simply that fucking awesome! Just kidding! LoL – Jayde Ox

Brian N. (Leeds, UK) – Hello your quite the bewer! wish my girlfriend was like you. How is it you American bewers so fuckin cool? My girlfriends bladder is too near her eyes and I try to tell her I want to fuck other bewers and shes got a face on. We livin together and I care about her but I still want to fuck other lass. What can I do to git her to join or let me?

Umm, I am in dire need of that Yorkshire to American English dictionary right about now…. From my understanding, you are asking me to advise you on possibly getting your girlfriend to be more receptive to threesomes, if not an open relationship? Sounds like you sir, has a big fucking issue on your plate. You cannot force a straight woman into bisexuality, only I can. (lol) That is a decision she has to come into terms with.  She either loves the muffin’ or chooses only the suckin’. If that isn’t something you can come to terms with, perhaps a relationship is not something you should continue to pursue at the moment. Whatever your choice maybe you better decide it soon, before you harm the poor girl’s soul and drive her into madness!

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  1. vivalakatastrophic

    I love this!!! Forcing someone into bisexuality? Dope.

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