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Daris M. (Wales, UK) Hello. I’m wondering when you “hunt” as you near always say, do you decide before hand if you are going home with a bloke or a chick? What attracts you to one or the other?


Great question! Before, I suppose it had to do with the chick. I usually am not out “hunting” cocks. The meat I hear isn’t very tasty and they are assholes come dawn. Chicken tastes better. My preference is usually the shy, quite type, whose inner beast is there, fighting to break free. The smart, easy going ones. How do I find those type of chicks? Easy, I listen. I MUST be able to converse with someone in order to find attraction. If some hot chick with the brain of a fly comes my way, either: A) She’s gonna have to be one smoking hot babe or B) She will need to gets me drunk enough that I would mistake her knowing how to seduce me drunk as actual intelligence. I mean come on! The bitch had the wits to want to fuck me and then get me drunk, she has to be a genius.


Krista P. (LA, but should be between my knees, USA) I was rooting for you and X to get back together and I am happy that you two appear to have reconciled. Having been in a similar situation in the past, my ex could never get past the fact I was with another man during our split and it destroyed the relationship for good. I really don’t wish to offend you. I just wonder how is X dealing with the fact you were with several men, and that those stories are still posted on your blog in graphic detail?


Thanks Darling! I am never the one to take offense nor am I regrettably shameful of my past sexual choices, escapades, nor the gory, vividly detailed encounters. Every bit of who you are is due to the bits and details of one’s past. Something incredible in your life cannot be appreciated nor embraced entirely had you not how bad SHIT could be not be known. Therefore, what wrongs you have endured or mistakes you make serve as a basis for you to continuously learn from, as well as shape your future. The better, more intelligence, honorable you.

With respect to X, we were apart. Separated. Untangled. I admit I was immature at times, making some decisions that in some cases were vengeful or even spiteful. But it also led to the birth of Raw, Lewd & Indecent. Still, then I only saw what wrongs he produced in “our” relationship and vice-versa. I emphasized OUR because, that is what we had forgotten and what we both had been blind to: we, us, together. Two halves to a whole relationship.

Bottom line, it took both of us to soil the relationship we once had. I am just as guilty to destroying it as he was. Our communication sucked donkey balls. He and I blamed the other and never assumed any fault. We failed to listen to what each was saying to the other, nor learn from one another. We tried to get the other to change what they thought, instead of taking the time to listen to what they actually were thinking.

There is always much left to learn, improvements in the ways we communicate, and wrongs we commit that need to be righted. I have learned a great deal about my flaws, faults, and weaknesses. I have more insight of how I am as a person, both positively and negatively. For instance, one thing I have always had an issue with is accepting criticism, no matter how constructive. I may have replied with arrogance, anger, or perhaps a bit of boastful bashing in return. But that doesn’t lead to you improving yourself and I want to hold myself to higher standard.

I perceive myself as a righteous, kindhearted individual and I strive everyday, and pride myself, in filling that role in society. So yes, while it is a bit of a cliché, you do learn more from your failures than your successes. I like to think I am now less ignorant, less arrogance, and learned that I can be the culprit whom has wounded myself, an accessory to the crime of having killed X and I.

In the end, based on the way we were, the relationship had to end. Fortunately, it did so in a way that allowed a new stronger relationship to arise from those ashes of the old one. Everything: our pasts, our choices, both the good and the immoral, needed to be accepted. Looking back, every bit of detail was a blessing in disguise. It takes a real man to understand that, so go find yourself a real man. Stop playing with boys.



Peter K. (Colorado Springs, CO) Which do women really think is more important, length or girth?


A classic example of a question asked by dude’s with pinky dicks: Length vs width. Which is better? Need I state the obvious? Having a huge cock is important! Period. You must be asking because your dick is either short and fat or long and narrow. I will give you some advice, because I am so nice, and you need reassurance.

The question you should be asking is “How can I maximize the use of my teeny, tiny, little, wittle penis?”

And the answer: “Find a very petite babe, one that your dick may ultimately fit inside her vag without flopping right out. Or just stick in it her ass. Then she will be grateful you aren’t “Moby” dick.


Bill S. (From ??) I love my wife, and we are good christian folks who never considered having any kind of open relationship. She seems content with our sex life, although compared to yours it must seem pedantic. However, I have found myself in the past year fantasizing about myself and another man double penetrating her. Have you found this to be a common fantasy? Do women fantasize about it? I feel horrible for being so turned on by the thought, but lately I can’t even cum until I indulge imagining it. What is wrong with me? Do I need therapy?


WTF is wrong with you?!?!?!? You sick fucking bastard!




Dude, the psyche of every man, woman, and tran are all the same in the sense that each and every one of us is fucking nut-shit insane. The truth of the matter is that nothing is normal when good sex is involved. Normal is bad sex statistically. NO ONE is normal if they are having good sex. So if they claim to be normal, then stay the fuck away from them!

Fantasizing is natural. Be it relating to sex, career goals, dating a celebrity, or simple entertainment, it is always good to embrace. Whether you act impulsively is different entirely. Is that what you are suggesting? Or what you wanted to really ask? How you can get your wife to agree to getting her ass fucked (literally) by some one not you, while you are ramming her vagina? That I have no clue of. She’s your wife dude, not your date. You can’t just chuck her for someone who loves the cock so much she needs two for complete satisfaction. Do the obvious and ask her. Express yourself as you should be able to in a relationship. Although it seems as if you two aren’t forth coming… and frankly you shouldn’t have married the bitch if you love fucking monkeys and you are afraid to tell her you are a monkey fucker. Shit, man! Know she/he is your other half before tying the knot! THIS IS WHY 50% OF AMERICANS END IN DIVORCE!   

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