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Linnea Marie: The Raw, Lewd and Indecent Sexologist

SexologistSexologist, Sex Educator, Orgasm Guru and Master of the Fellatio.



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Of all career paths you could have chosen, why sex education?


“Because I saw a lack thereof.

I’ve been in the medical field almost all of my life and I thought knew about the human body. I took a Human Sexuality course in college and I was like “holy shit why didn’t anyone tell me about all of this”?! I was so confused. I didn’t learned about any of this goodness in my anatomy classes nor at all in LIFE. All of my senses were intrigued, and as I learned more, I became the teacher.” 


What types of classes do you offer and what do you specialize in particular?


“I [ExxxiteMe] teach a few exxxiting classes. Female Orgasm 101, Fellatio 101, and I host a number of different sex toy parties during which I sprinkle my sex positivity and sexuality education everywhere.”


The topic of sex has been known to bring out the worst in behaviors in people. I believe a lot of this stems from societal repression in the matter of sexuality. (i.e. Ignorance) The truth is, even though we have certainly progressed beyond our once Puritan ancestors, we are not nearly where we should be pertaining to the topic of our own sexuality. With that being said, have you faced similar challenges during the course of your professional career, and if so, what were they?


“Being a woman in this field is a bit interesting to say the least. I get both positive and negative responses from people. In some cases I can see the shame and “fear” in their response and in others I can see the excitement and lust. I focus on the good more than the bad but I take them both. The old ideology is still in society and people don’t like change, especially when it comes to controlling sexuality, women’s sexuality and their reproductive rights to be exact. I believe knowledge is both power and protection. Now more than ever, women are gaining this powerful knowledge and living their life to the fullest. It’s not easy but it will always be worth it.”


Getting on a personal level, everyone has a certain “fetish” they dabble, I know I have many! What are your sexual kinks and quirks?


“I am definitely a “try everything once” type of woman but I don’t hesitate to say “no” or “stop”. I don’t consider myself having a fetish, but a great scent and a suit can always get my juices flowing. I enjoy vibrators, lube, and other sex toys. They add exxxitement and adventure into my sex life. I’m always ready for an adventure.”


For all of our bashful or meek viewers out there wanting to further explore their inner sexual beast, could you advise them on how your classes typically operate as well as information on how to get started?


“My classes are a fun and open learning environment. We discuss science, sex, and how it intertwines in our daily lives. The games we play are hysterically funny and you can even win things. “Pin the Clit on the Vulva” is a fun way to make a “Picasso Pussy” as Dr. Jill McDevitt would call it, and it’s always fun! My stuffed penis and Vulva Puppet are great at assisting me with their ever so sexy anatomy. Learning about it is one thing but putting motion behind the information is another, I bring all kinds of different sex toys to the party as well. Pleasure is the key.”

“I love the “ah ha” moments, I live for them.”



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  1. Being a woman sexologist is like being a male sex blogger – far between and few. Thanks for sharing!

    • You are absolutely correct! We need more sex positive, body positive female figures in our world. Thank you for the support! XOXOX

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