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Strip Clubs Las Vegas

Living in Vegas and frequenting the Strip Club scene on a weekly basis pretty much hands me your trust when it comes to knowing which are the best gentlemen’s club in Vegas and which are shit. There are so many Strip Clubs here the chances of you wasting your time and money in a crappy one is pretty high. I, personally have experienced getting reeled into a strip club by the glitz, glamour and promises of the most beautiful women in the world only to find myself in the middle of a mediocre club, sitting in a red leather seat riddled with questionable stains while some jaded dancer with far too much body glitter on has managed to partially blind me with either her moves or her looks. Unsure of which, because frankly, the entire time my attention was diverted to the fact I was actually still sitting in a chair I deemed riddled with questionable stains. Well, consider me your personal guinea pig as I have taken the liberty to compose a Top List of my 4 favorite Las Vegas Strip Clubs with a 5th preferred recommendation- so, you know, you’ll never have to be that asshole who sat in a chair riddled in questionable stains pissed off he wasted his vacation on bullshit.


Crazy Horse 3:

Admittedly, this is my most favorable of all Las Vegas strip clubs. Located away from the bustling strip, this establishment is truly a hidden gem. Depending on what time you plan on arriving, (peak hours usually run from 9pm-4am) this place gets pretty packed and the women are nothing short of gorgeous. If you are not an avid strip club attendee such as myself, you may find the entire experience a tad overwhelming, especially when women after women not of your particular taste or type are constantly approaching you for a lap dance, almost like sharks and you are the bait. Well, I can safely say you don’t have to worry about here. CH3 is one of most laid back gentlemen’s club I have the pleasure of frequenting. Whether you’re there simply for a drink, to enjoy the sights, or both, this should be at the top of your list to visit while you’re here in town. Just remember to do yourself a favor and only go during their peak hours. I’ve made the mistake of once coming after 5am and will never do that again! Let’s just say their best selection is during their peak hours.

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Spearmint Rhino:

This is probably one of the most popular men’s club in Las Vegas. Why wouldn’t it be? Rhino, for short, is known for its finicky auditioning process. In layman, they only hire 10s. Hiring exclusively 10s has its advantages and disadvantages. I shouldn’t have to note the advantages of a perfect 10 stripper. This, in itself, is evidently clear. The disadvantages, however is the lackluster personality and willingness to put forth any effort to entertain past swaying her hips side to side ceases to exist with the majority of 10 strippers. They are already bombshells and are use to the attention of men showering them just to be in mere presence, so why put in more than necessary? Not all of the Strippers here are like that, there are a few I have encountered with talent and spirit. Unicorns, but they exist. Still, I do enjoy coming here because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by topless perfect 10 Strippers? Exactly!

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Third on my list, Sapphire is the largest of adult clubs in Vegas. I mean massive. A sprawling 70,000sqft nearly open plan with a few stages of entertainment and the only gentlemen’s club to harbor a day club. During the hot summer months the day club throws pretty awesome pool parties accompanied by Strippers. This place has beautiful women and can accommodate a large group but with that said, this is the most overly advertised thus extremely busy strip club in Las Vegas. In fact, they get so busy they’ve lost the intimacy factor almost needed to fulfill the experience. The upside, however is the fact they accommodate the desires of both genders by providing women with access to a separate venue with male strippers and men, a whole convention building full of beautiful female strippers.

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Larry Flynt’s Hustlers:

This Vegas mens club is highly underrated and under-appreciated but I appreciate them so it is making forth on my list. The man behind the infamous Hustler magazine is the rightful owner of this same Las Vegas nightclub. Featuring an incredible rooftop club, two full floors of suites, 5 bars, 4 stages and 2 cages and an even bigger sex shop right next store, how can I not? They also offer a full range of VIP packages to suit the needs of any bachelor party large or small.

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Private Strippers:

Las Vegas strip clubs can be a joyous and thrilling experience if done right, but withal, each establishment has its quirks; none of which is intimacy. As much as I enjoy a quick $20 lap dance the truth is unless I am fully inebriated, trying to get the most out of a lap dance whilst plastered in a room full of onlookers is awkward more so than enjoyable. The second option is the private VIP rooms but even those are limited and short lived. In my opinion, if you are planning to visit Las Vegas skip the strip clubs and hire a private Stripper instead. Especially if you are here for a bachelor party. I have attended a few parties with private dancers before and the difference between the two is remarkable. With private Strippers you are not restricted, you have the privacy of your own hotel, the intimacy factor exist, and in the end you and your group will probably end up spending less for more.

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