Linnea Marie: The Raw, Lewd and Indecent Sexologist

Sexologist, Sex Educator, Orgasm Guru and Master of the Fellatio.   Email: Visit my sex blog at             Of all career paths you could have chosen, why sex education?   “Because I saw a … Read More

The Complete Guide to Female Masturbation

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 Female Masturbation Guest Article by Brenda P.  It is said that all a woman needs is true love. What they do not tell you is that true love starts with loving yourself, both literally and figuratively. Yes, we are talking … Read More

Kong Dong Gone Wrong

Dong Argh! I swear when I started this venture I expected to have massive orgies, a shit-ton of orgasms, fuck-a-thons, a hell of a time, and log my sexual adventures that even Wilt Chamberlain would be proud of. Thus far … Read More