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Take Two…. No Action!


Yesterday, bored I decided to entertain myself and browse Craigslist personal ADs W4W.  A few botched tits and asses later I came across a very petite gorgeous latina. Since I haven’t yet filled my carpet munching needs I decided what the worst that can happen in trying?

I sent an email with my photo, name and a short message:




New to Vegas by a year.
Birthday is right around the corner.
Celebrating early w/ cocktails poolside.
Dressed in Birthday suit.  Wanna join?


I, very shortly later received a response with name and number. SCORE! I called Megan (alias) and we conversed demurely. After a voice verification and swift conversation we decided to meet at Bare European Pool @ noon. I threw on my swanky bikini, grabbed a few personal items and dashed out the door.

When I arrived at Bare I decided to splurge and requested a day bed (plus it was my birthday & may—be I wanted to impress her). Shortly after an extremely gorgeous, sexy, slim, petite Latina walks towards me. She was wearing a black very revealing bikini, tan and gold wedges and a cover-all. Her hair curly, medium length bouncing with every step. (My kitty purrs)

“Hi! I am Megan.”

Screw prim and proper! I gave Megan a deep hug and a peck on the cheek, asked her drink order and handed her a food menu. Solicitous to please, I made sure shots were continuously served. After an hour we were both intoxicated enough to shed our bashfulness and discard bikini tops.

Her boobs were of pure perfection.
Areolas blush in color, precise in diameter.
Breast full, perky and symmetrical.
She had her nipples tastefully pierced.
I fought the urge to nibble and tug on the piercings.

More shots, foolish attempts of rollick, photo ops and a bit of horseplay later; clearly intoxicated I invited her back to my room to– ummm—-watch a movie? She zestfully accepted and we took taxi cab to my hotel.

When we entered my room I immediately turned on the Telly and slowly removed the dampen bathing suit, dressed only in my birthday suit I dove into my bed. Megan didn’t hesitate to follow. She tore off her garments and leaped ever-so- gently next to me. We immediately locked in a passionate kiss and fondled each other.  My extremely impaired motor skills and an astonishing wet pussy managed to rip off her bikini bottom and I engorged her sultry scented double pierced cunt.

Distracted, drunk and devouring I hadn’t noticed how quiet Megan was being. After a few minutes without vocal feedback I began to question if my technique was rusty. I slyly kissed my way up to her breast and still not a moan, groan or sigh escaped. Puzzled I lifted my head and asked her if everything was okay. She nodded her head in satisfaction. I continued to caress her nipples with my tongue whilst slipping on a rather below average strap-on. I proceeded to slip my fingers deep in her, stretching her vagina comfortably enough to penetrate her.

Immensely aroused and fully fixated I passionately thrusted in and out until almost reaching climax until I heard what sounded like a soft sob. I abruptly forced my eyes opened and Megan was crying. What the Fuck?! I apologized and removed myself. As I fiddled with the straps she explained that she was embarrassed because she was afraid she wouldn’t orgasm. (FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT?!) Fucking drama queen! I tried to sound as reassuring as a sexually frustrated being could be. Told her my expectations were to have fun, whatever happens, happens. She calmed down and wanted to try again, however after her sob fest over DIDDILY SWAT dried up my cunt so fast you could dehydrate fruit in it.

I tossed my lelo vibrator on the bed and ditched for a long bath.
Needless to say before I finished bathing she had departed.
Sweet baby Moses, THANK YOU!!

Learning Experience:

  1. Just because the bitch is beautiful doesn’t mean she isn’t cray-cray!
  2. Craigslist is officially BANNED, burned and buried.
  3. Next time a chick is double or fuck even just pierced near her clit; consider that a PRE-WARNING!

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  1. Dave

    Since I have no life, I am going to live vicariously through you.

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