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The Messalina Complex


I decided to invite Sage out to dinner. She always knew the best K-BBQ places and I love how we can fuck with the Korean waitress/waiters. You’d never guess that Sage is a native Korean. This was also an opportunity to introduce her to Blair Baby. We decided on a place in Chinatown where I introduced Sage to Blair Baby and they seemed quickly on their way to becoming fast friends. Halfway through lunch Sage received a phone call from Amaru. Sadie greeted him warmly, and nodded a few times.  She then looked over to me and said one of Amaru’s female friends was having a small get together in her apartment and wanted to know if we wanted to come.  Amaru was well-connected and so if he was recommending a party, chances were good it was going to be a fucking ball. I shrugged, indicating it was up to Blair Baby. After being locked up in her parent’s dungeon for so long Blair Baby was up for anything and everything. Giving Sage the a-okay, Sage told him to text her the address.

We finished our meal, headed to a liquor store for a few party favors, and then to the party. We parked in an upscale condo complex and when we reached the correct place, we walked up the stairs to a large second story condominium.  Soft laughter and music could be heard from inside.  Amaru must have waited for us because the door opened before we even knocked, and he ushered us in.

A hot ass, bare-ass naked Persian chick instantly caught my attention.  She was almost six feet tall, brushing her gorgeous silky smooth black hair back as if fell from her face, revealed sharp defined, stunning facial features.  Her body was fit and tone, her breasts clearly augmented, but expertly so, even if they were too large for her frame.  Between her legs, a well-groomed landing strip of tidy black pubic hair led to her Persian pussy.

As we walked in she turned and smiled; exposing herself completely, without a shred of modesty, and proceeded to introduced her as Roshan.  “Welcome,” she said, and she paused as she took me in, her pupils starting to dilate and I knew her predatoral instinct had taken over (takes a predator to know a predator). I could feel her eyes undressing me, and I licked my lips suggestively as a coy smile creep over my mouth letting her know I was game.

In the blink of an eye, the moment passed and she turned to greet Sage. Roshan noticed the bottles of alcohol we had brought and politely pointed to where the drinks were made. Then, as if noticing for the first time that she was naked, shrugged unapologetic and said, “I was just fucking Antoine.  Asshole is drunk and fell asleep before either of us came!  Do you believe that shit!”  She told us to make ourselves at home, turned, headed down the hallway to vanished into one of the two bedrooms.

Blair Baby and I gigglishly looked at each other before turning our attention to Sage and Amaru. They waved us over to the bar where we placed our bottles and Blair Baby promptly made herself a drink. I opted out on any alcohol consumption hoping my organs would appreciate the efforts and get better fast!

The condo was large, but the plush, almost overdone decorating made it seem cramped. The walls, covered with an olive-green textured plaster extended up to a high ceiling, and occupied by several large arched windows covered in drape. About eight or so party goers were situated in the living room and my group had occupied the connected kitchen. It was an eclectic gathering.  A couple of shirtless black men marked with tattoos, wearing a white T and sagging their pants, clearly trying to be “thug-ish” engaged in deep in conversation.

**Quick side note: Thugs, Gangstas or whatever frivolous alias you wish to be addressed by. I am merely advising you, thenceforth your rectum won’t have to endure anymore unnecessary shit. Extensive research on the matter has concluded that men who “sag” their pants in penitentiaries are inviting other men to fuck their asshole. Next time you decide that this unruly, disgusting behavior is fashionable or “Hype-beast”. I want you to imagine a hulking black man with macrophallia, shoving himself straight in your asshole with only his spit. GOT IT? GOOD!    

Three women in their twenties, cute but not drop dead gorgeous or anything, sported mid-western suburban hair styles and attire. They passed around a joint; bloodshot eyes, dumbly laughing at senseless nothings, stoned. The cutest was the one on the right, a voluptuous half-Asian with long brown hair and a wide smile— Meh, shes fuck-a-ble.

Roshan appeared, wearing a furry white bikini and, I kid you not, a Ushanka.  She sort of skipped through the room, directly to the bar, and poured herself a glass of vodka with about two tea spoons of pineapple juice added at the end.  As she began to chug the glass, the two black guys got up and began to flirt with Roshan. She brushed them off and poured a second drink. Roshan began to rummage around her kitchen for some snacks.  At some point, her top came off and I realized that Sage and I were the only ones in the kitchen not topless. Blair Baby tore off her garments as soon as she realized this was a “clothing optional” party.

Sage and I took a seat along one of the couches in the corner, and Amaru joined us.  He introduced us to the Suburban Stoner Sluts, who turned out to be— not AS annoying as I had expected.  The cute one on the end started to nod off and after glancing at me three times, stood up and announced that she was going to lay down in one of the bedrooms. Assuming her announcement was directed at me, I made a mental note of which one.

I made some small talk with the remaining two girls on the neighboring couch, but they were too baked to be comprehensible. Then, once again, Roshan came from out of nowhere and pranced over to the couch, a drink in her hand, her bare breasts bouncing impressively.  She plopped down on the couch right next to me, not spilling a drop from her glass, put her hands on my knees and tilted her head, attempting to give me a sexy stare.

She started to stroke my thighs whilst asking me for my name. I answered, noting the over the top predator vs prey routine Roshan was going for.  Did she think this was my first rodeo?  I suddenly grabbed Roshan’s hand, stopping her mid stroke and brought them up to my breasts as I leaned in and open-mouthed kissed her.

Catching her off guard, her eyes widened briefly, then, chuckled as our lip locks. We continued making out, both of us tried to establish a bit of dominance over the other and we rolled around the couch, one on top and then the other. At some point, my top came off, and we were both enjoying employing creative tongue movements on each others nipples. My hand began to reach under her fuzzy g-string but then her phone buzzed.  I swear I don’t know where she was keeping it!

Roshan retrieved her phone from… wherever.. and kissed me on the lips a final time before standing up and answering.  After a brief exchange, she hung up the phone and told Amaru that the carry out was ready and that he was driving her to pick it up. I swear she reminds me of— well me.

I quickly redressed and got up and went to the bathroom to check my makeup.  Upon returning, I walked by the bedroom the cute half-Asian chick had gone into. My arousal still elevated and my Kitty still drenched, I peaked inside and saw the little tart asleep in her bra and panties with only a single bed sheet partly covering her. Yum, I thought and crept in, shutting the door behind me. I quietly walked over to the bed and positioned myself at the bedside near the middle. I reached down and began to pet her puss, slowly moving up her panties and over the vulva. With gentle, slow strokes I continued rubbing until her madefaction seeped through her panties. The girl moaned and shifted in bed, but didn’t awaken. I continued petting her through her underwear and then leaned down, pulled her panties to the side and began to lick her labia.  As I grazed my tongue slowly over her vagina, she began too moan loudly and her legs writhed as she began to stir awake. I moved up to her clitoris, caressing it with wide strokes of my tongue. I looked up to make sure she was enjoying herself.

As I saw her eyes start to focus on me, I quickly suckled her clitoris.  A wide smile split the girls face and she rolled her eyes back as a wave of pleasure engulfed her.  She giggled then gleefully blurted out that she had never been with a woman before. I gave her a thumbs up as I swiftly removed her panties, and then continued sucking the clitoris, dabbing at it with my tongue as her climax approached.  She came quick and hard. I leaned back up and wiped my mouth, anxious to see how vigorously my newly minted monoclinous would return the favor but then I heard her snore.

ARGH! No fucking way! Why can’t I follow my advice? Get before giving! I swore under my breath as I left the bedroom, deciding to leave the door fully open so the party goers could see her naked and spread eagle on the bed as they walked by. I didn’t give a shit. Fuck’m! Sage found me and knew better than to ask what I had been up to after seeing the frustration sprawled across my face. She opted for small talk instead.

The “hood” guys “bounced” just before Amaru and Roshan returned with the food.  The remaining two of the three Suburban Stoner Sluts I had not sexually assaulted, attacked the food with all the gusto a pothead can muster up. Amaru, Sable, Blair Baby and I all filled up some plates in their wake.  Roshan didn’t seem to eat anything, and instead went right back to the bar, pouring herself another drink.

After the takeout was murdered, the stoned trio took off. Roshan made a token effort to clean the kitchen, then disappeared into the bathroom. She ducked her head out and called to me, asking for some help. I was hoping Roshan was using the excuse to get me alone but when I walked into the bathroom, the hot exotic honey had a light layer of shaving cream on her landing strip. She asked me if I could shave her pubes and after moments of hesitation, I grabbed the razor. Roshan positioned her legs spread wide, flashing an awesome view of her Persian pussy. I meticulously shaved the entire region, sensuality wiping clean each time I shaved a spot. When I finished I dampen the wash cloth and cleaned her entire snatch.

Roshan was overjoyed by the result. She skipped out of the bathroom completely naked to show off her prepubescent pussy cat. I followed, watching Roshan display her genitals from multiple angles. Shit, you thought I was batshit insane?! You clearly haven’t met Roshan. I might suggest she do a blog except I might lose my followers.  I made my way back to the couch and as soon as I sat, Roshan got on all fours, crawled on the floor and making her way towards me.  I watched in disbelief wondering what the fuck she was on. The Persian minx crawled right up to me, reached up my leg, put her head under my skirt, pulled down my panties, and skillfully munched away. Well aware of my surrounding company; I decided to say FUCK IT!  It had been too fucking long since I decently orgasm (not self-inflicted) and ignoring them was easier than one would think.

Roshan knew exactly what she was doing.  She efficiently brought me to orgasm and I felt my pent-up sexual tension release. I sunk back on the couch as Roshan withdrew with a wide smile. She stood up and I quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her on the couch.  She smiled and spread her legs. I positioned myself between them and returned the favor. I could tell by the loud screams that my host was thoroughly enjoying herself. As I continued to pleasure her, I readjusted my hands to a more comfortable place and to my surprise I felt something rubbery and long just under the couch. I pulled it out and withdrew from Roshan. I looked down, and realizing I had just found a strap-on, and grinned with utmost contentment.  She looked at me in confusion, as she hadn’t climaxed yet, but then saw that I was holder her strap on and her eyes went wide and she nodded eagerly. FUCK YES!!!

With her help, I donned the strap-on and then took Roshan’s place on the couch and she straddled me, penetrating herself on to the massive dildo strapped to my pelvis. She screamed in pleasure, grabbed my breast and squeezed. I began to thrust upwards each time she pulls herself out and she bellowed in pleasure with each movement.  She screamed going faster and faster, then furiously stimulated her own clitoris.  I thrust with increased force and speed, and the groans melted into one loud cry of ecstasy.  Her pelvis began to gyrate and spasm with quick, forceful contractions and Roshan began to scream “oh FUCK” half a dozen times as she melt on her side into the couch. I watched Roshan closely, hoping she was up for going another round, however she turned on her other side, curled into a ball and closed her eyes as a large relaxed smile broke out on her face.


I removed the strap on and adjusted my clothing.  With our host on the couch embracing herself in post- coital bliss, I took that as a signal to head home.  Amaru and Sable, trying to hide the amusement on their faces, agreed they were ready to go. Wait— where the fuck was Blair Baby? I frantically searched the condo, going from room to room, looking in closets, under beds, bathrooms, in showers, I could not find her anywhere. I was sicken with worry and contemplating whether those ratchet fools had kidnapped her. Opening my mouth, I had almost went into a rage, ready to cause ruckus when I heard a moan from behind the kitchen island. I darted over to find Blair Baby passed out drunk on the kitchen floor. This bitch can’t hold her liquor! With lots of laughter and Amaru’s help I managed to get Blair Baby in the back seat of the car and we left Roshan’s.

It was fucking was nice to finally have a sexual encounter and not end up with someone having a vibrator injury, me gagging from fermented fish, or waking up to some frugal psycho person calling me his girlfriend. I admit I had a blast. Well any couple that calls you at 10AM and invites you to a hotel party on a Tuesday morning will ALWAYS be fun!  Withal, drama can enhance a story and its fucking fun to read. On the contrary, if it is true accounts of your life blogged. Drama all day long is not fucking fun! Blog or not!

Yours Truly, 

Xx- Jayde 



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