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The Salacious Patriarch of Dating Sites

A frequent user and abuser of Dating Sites and Apps myself, I often wonder about the creative geniuses behind such successful dating platforms. Who are they? Why dating sites of all things? Are their reasons behind creating the magical world of singles connecting aligned with my inability to find a like-minded sex mate? It was only after another terrible date and even more horrid hookup I decided to reach far out and above to the top dog of dating sites in the UK with questions I oh so kindly demanded answers to.

I set out on a new venture Googling, emailing and conversing any and all popular dating site support, slowly climbing my way to the top of the food chain. With due diligence and after a shit ton of dead-ends and unanswered emails, I finally struck gold! I actually managed to turn on my charm and persuade none other than the Managing Director, Jonathan Bird of UK’s popular dating site Singles Warehouse to agree on a short interview. Questions and answers as followed:


Mr. Bird, of all things brewing in the interweb, what brought up the idea to curate dating sites?

A few years ago now the UK entered recession. At the time I was the Managing Director and owner of an e-commerce business which had performed really well and recruited in excess of 100 people. Like lots of business owners I wasn’t sure what the future held so I decided to diversify with the sole goal of ensuring that no-one had to lose a job. This lead me to digital and online dating – since then it’s been a roller coaster of a ride.


I did a little background research on all of your websites (,, and and noticed you do not have any “adult” dating sites. With the “Hookup Culture” reaching potential climax, it seems apps like Tinder and Bumble have stolen the spotlight when it comes to interweb dating. Is this a direction we could expect Singles Warehouse to follow in the near future?

You didn’t dig hard enough. If I told you for every 1000 sites Warehouse Dating/ Singles Warehouse owns at least 70% are adult in nature. We own one of the biggest BBW dating sites in the world and many more. Casual / Adult dating is a niche – and for some it’s exactly what they are looking for but we are starting to see a shift back to ‘traditional’ dating and advice.


What sets your dating site apart from all other sites?

I think for Singles Warehouse it’s all about our #SWEXPERTS – a group of dedicated contributors who promote healthy sex lives to how to find the one. With over 1500 contributors we’re probably one of the biggest dating resources in the world.


Can we expect to see a U.S. based platform in the near future?

Technically we are in the US – but that gets very confusing for people using a url. We are working on it.



Because this is a Sex Blog, I have to at least ask you one super personal, a little uncomfortable but always entertaining question. In a perfect world, what is one fetish you would like to try at least once?

One fetish I would try or have tried? OK I’m probably going to have to be a little vanilla here and stick with the good old BDSM / 50 Shades side. I think all business owners have a side to them which is all about control. I certainly do. Firm voice Tight grip. Works at work and in the bedroom.



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