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TMI Questions I Thought Weren’t TMI At All!

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I present to you another line of questions I found online that says it’s TMI. However, I would beg to differ! 





  1. had intercourse?
    Well I would be a fucking liar had I said “NO!”
  2. oral sex?
    Sex wouldn’t be sex without it. PERIOD.
  3. licked an ass?
    Hrm… Have I licked the hole of an ass today? Nope.
  4. had your ass licked?
    Yes, it tickles… tee hee
  5. had sex with someone without knowing their name?
    Does not knowing her name correctly count? Cause I seriously thought she was a Kourtney….
  6. swallowed cum?
    Yes, sir.
  7. practiced bondage or BDSM?
    I have trust issues so I don’t enjoy being tied up. On the other hand I do enjoy tying bitches up to my leisure. So to answer this question, yes I have practiced a vanilla form of bondage.
  8. had anal sex?
    This question reminds me of an incident that happened last year when I was wasted and I begged X to ram me in the ass. Well that didn’t go well cause he did and it hurt so fucking bad I cried like a moron. Then after 45 seconds I gathered myself together and demand he finish. He felt so bad but he shouldn’t. I asked for it I shall receive it…no matter the pain. Oh yeah I forgot. Yes, I have received anal before.
  9. had an orgasm from anal sex? 
    No, I fucking wish! There are women who do, and I am green with envy of these blessed bitches. These women are usually the ones who love double penetration due to the fact that they can and do orgasm from both glorious orifices. Lucky bitches! But I am not at all saying I want to be DP’ed so please do not take this the wrong way!
  10. had sex while on hard drugs?
    I knew I would have to face a question like this some day so I might as well be truthful in my answer. Yes, I have. Nevertheless, I would have to also include that experience was one that I had no control over as it was not consensual. There was a time long ago that I once was innocent. That I actually believed that people were made of gold and had pure motives. I learned the hard way my ignorance is nothing but dreams of a fool. When I was face with the truth of reality, I never allow myself to ever be so stupid again. I yet have “experimented” in that sense.
  11. had sex with someone of the opposite orientation?
    Oh goodness yes…and I LOVE IT!
  12. been in a threesome?
    Yes : )
  13. been in a foursome?
  14. been in an orgy? 
    Okay, is this not one and the same with the above question? ^^^ And yes.
  15. been in a gangbang?
    No, not my thing but for those who it is…You GO girl with your cock needing self!
  16. had sex in public?
    Highly illegal, but yes.
  17. snowballed?
    I had to look this one up… I maybe knowledgeable in sex, but even experts in their field strive to grow. Wow… Umm after reading the definition, I would have to say no.. I am turned off by the type of porn, who have three chicks sucking one guy’s balls and accumulates as much saliva as possible where a bowl is needed to measure their spit… OMG I gag at the thought of it.
  18. had your toes licked or sucked?
  19. licked or sucked someone’s toes?
  20. had sex with more than one person (1 on 1 only) in a day?Yes.
  21. had sex with more than one person (1 on 1 only) in a week?
  22. had cyber sex or phone sex?
  23. been double penetrated?
  24. watched porn?

Wow… This is really the last question? YEAH. UH DUH!



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