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#YellowFever: Another Thing To Bitch About

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If you’re unfamiliar with the colloquial term of Yellow Fever (also known as an Asian fetish), it is used to describe the phenomenon of being attracted towards central and southeast Asians to the extent of only seeking romantic relationships with said Asians.

Sounds pretty innocent right? Well, wrong. Apparently, the term yellow fever has stirred up a mess of racial issues amongst Asian Americans and Caucasians—claiming the term promotes fetishizing Asian women is sexually objectifying a group of women thus degrades them as being objects not humans. They—and what I mean by “they” is specifically feminist, have gone as far as arguing the Asian fetish phenomenon is exotifying Asian women to fit a stereotype as submissive, docile and hypersexual, which in turn exemplifies human sex trafficking and misogynistic porn. Some of what is argued is frankly true but the basis of the entire argument is pretty stupid if you ask me. More importantly, how this became an explosive issue in the first place baffles me.

So what does this issue have to do with me and why am I writing about this if I perceive Yellow Fever as a non-issue anyways? Well, by now you should know I am Asian. More specifically, Vietnamese Asian American—for those politically correct Nazis. Although the issue has not affected or altered my life or emotional state in any way, shape or form, I feel obligated to address the issue for the following reasons:

  1. Most obvious reason being, the issue is directed towards Asian American woman and the White boys that fetishize us.
  2. The need to radicalize a movement/race war based on a few bitchy complaints about hurt feelings instead of putting all of that energy in real world issues like starving kids or horses dying from AIDS, you’ve elected to stir up drama because you don’t like having to answer ignorant questions like “What kind of Asian are you?” or “Is it true your vagina is slanted?” is fucking insulting.
  3. Because there isn’t enough people supporting the opposition and not enough women telling these modern day feminist to shut the hell up!

First and foremost: I want it to be abundantly clear, I completely support, promote and dignify advocacy and promoting issues relating to gender equality, racial equality, human rights, decriminalization of both medicinal cannabis and prostitution—matter of fact, anything which constitutes unlawful governing of human rights, so do not twist my argument as some form of hate speech because I am telling you now, it isn’t.

Moving on, generally speaking, most racial stereotyping is harmless depictions of the truth. On the contrary, given our current situation between our boys in blue and the black lives matter movement also proves stereotyping, to the extreme, can also be dangerous.  I wholeheartedly am aware and understand the damaging effects of what certain stereotyping have led to, nevertheless not only are Asian stereotypes non-life threating, the fact of the matter is stereotypes are generalized depictions of the truth.  “If it quacks like a duck……”

“…then it must be a duck!” The perfect example being my life: I am and have always fit the Asian American stereotype—hell, I am the epitome of Asian stereotypes! Look up Asian Stereotypes and you’ll find a photo of me… not really; just kidding.  Observe, though:

  • I am academically inclined; honor student, cried when I received my first merit-roll, graduated two years before my class, academic scholarships came easy-peasy.
  • I have a significantly large, ultra-conservative family (18 aunts and uncles; maternal) and the majority of them are salon owning, Nail Technicians.
  • I am a shitty driver.
  • I have shamefully tried dog meat during my first trip to Saigon—along with crickets, field mice, snake blood, pork, beef, chicken, rooster testicles, etc. bizarre foods.
  • I use tiger balm religiously.
  • Rice equals life.
  • I wear thick, black rimmed glasses.
  • I’ve dyed my hair blonde on a few occasions.
  • I like EDM.
  • I am socially awkward.
  • I am a non-practicing, licensed Manicurist.
  • I leave my shoes at the door—before entering all thresholds.
  • My legal name is unpronounceable and differs from my American name.
  • My parents didn’t allow pets growing up.
  • My first car was a Honda.
  • I played the piano; my sister, the violin.
  • I date primarily white guys; it’s a matter of preference, not racism.

There’s no denying I meet the qualifications of the average Asian American woman. So, if someone happens to question my hyper-sexuality or promiscuity, I am not offended and usually respond with a kittenish “none ya business” and move on. In that effect, getting upset or feeling disrespected by some one’s blatant ignorance is being ashamed of my ethnic background. I may not be a math prodigy or receive yearly Christmas cards from Aunt Lucy in this lifetime but getting mad instead of schooling the otherwise uneducated inquiring individual doesn’t contribute to the issue. On another note: in a world wherein “Driving while black” can get you shot, being Mexican means you’re a drug dealer, and worshiping Islam makes you a terrorist, being hyper-sexual, submissive and docile is a fucking compliment!

I do not understand where this sudden disdain for Caucasians stems from among modern Feminist—more precisely Suey Park. There’s no need to shame white men for preferring Asian women and vice versa. I’ve dealt and still deal with vast amounts of retarded questions generated by all non-Asians, so no, the whites are not completely at fault. If anything, the most disrespect comes from African, Hispanic, and Asian descent. Why aren’t other non-Asian races addressed? Why are Caucasians the primary target for racism and hate?!

More importantly, why is this even an issue?! Has society become so soft and sensitive catering to the needs of these modern feminist and millennials? For fuck sake, shove a tampon in it and take a Midol, because I am tired of having to deal with your bloody need to express every diminutive “feeling” or “thought” via social media expecting people to give a fuck as if you’re entitled for a round of other people’s fucks.

Bottom line: Look, I am speaking directly to my fellow Asian Americans involved in this attention-seeking diatribe of useless incessant complaints on the debilitating racism that you’ve had to suffer through your entire life—shut. The. Fuck. Up. Whether 1st generation, 2nd generation, or 4th generation Asian American your progenitors of your ethnic background did not put up with hell and a great deal of traumatic shit to come to America and diligently bust their asses off to climb the social ladder all for the sake to secure your future, so that you can quit academia and instead focus on publicizing your hurt feelings of being called Chinese when you’re not.




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